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Hello Hawthorne Ward 3 Supporters and Friends!


We have announced our candidacy for this fall's Town Council Ward 3 race. As an Independent Green Party campaign we were notified we will need to collect signed petitions again. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis we are allowed to collect signatures through an online petition this year. The online petition is secure, safe, quick and very easy to complete. We are also utilizing a QR code to allow for door to door contact-less collection and finally, for those comfortable with it, a traditional paper petition.

By signing this petition you aren't mandated to vote for us we are just asking for support to appear on the ballot. Everyone deserves more voices and choices so your vote will still have to be earned by election day this November 3rd. Everyone in Ward 3 that is 18 years old and registered to vote is allowed to sign. We will need 2-3 times the required amount of signatures in case the County Clerk's Office finds a discrepancy. So please draw in your signature using your finger or a stylus for accuracy and make sure to include your full address with zip code as well.

Here is the link to sign. Thank you for your continued support!



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  • Craig Cayetano