Craig's Candidate Petition 2021

The Cayetano For Council Campaign Calls On All Of Hawthorne To Sign Candidate's Petition


We are asking for your help once more to appear on this coming November 2nd ballot. This time it's to represent you as one of your Hawthorne Town Councilmen at-large. This year you get to vote to select three across the town and are not restricted by Ward. Please scan the QR barcode above with your phone's camera or follow the link below to sign. It is really easy to complete and you can sign on as long as you haven't already signed for another potential town council candidate or ticket. The petition requires your signature so please choose the "draw signature" option then proceed to sign by using your finger or a stylus. Next, type in your full name, full address and zip code. Please double check for any typos before completing since it must be 100% accurate to be accepted by the county clerk. Once again, signing a petition does not mandate a vote for us. A signature's sole purpose is to ensure that we will appear on the ballot on November 2nd. It can be signed securely here:


We are excited to get in the streets and talk with our wonderful constituents about the issues that matter to them the most. Listening is something that we value. It allows us to be a bridge towards real solutions. We can’t wait to work together and move Hawthorne Forward in 2021!


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  • Craig Cayetano