Craig's Green Vision & Future

Green Vision & Future For Hawthorne What Does This Mean?


As a Green, I am Purposing an Extensive & Bold Vision.

This is necessary for the Future We Deserve in Hawthorne.


  • Supporting a sustainable Hawthorne doing its part in managing climate change and reducing pollution. By encouraging more use of renewable sources of energy in our municipal buildings, our local businesses and residences. Will work with state and federal governments to secure grants an implement a Green New Deal. 


  • Working to ensure safety and reduce speeding on major arteries of town. I will work with the administration, county and police. We may need to reduce the speed limits, install better signage around town and utilize our police to patrol more of these highly frequented roads. 


  • Identifying intersections that need better crosswalks and signage. Walking through and towards key areas of town, Goffle Brook Park or 8 Acres falls on us to manage better. There are definitely areas that need more attention.


  • Supporting the No Fossil Fuels pledge and even go further by starting we will take NO money from the Fossil Fuels industry, NO Corporate PAC donations and NO Developer ties. This ensures I'm beholden to you the voters of Hawthorne only!



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Grassroots Democracy


Ecological Wisdom


Community Based Economics


Future Focus & Sustainability