Community Based Economics


How Will Community Based Economics Help Us Grow?


As a Green, I Will...


  • Institute a Green Business Model to promote sustainable business practices. There are many ways businesses can start and make a difference. Some examples are changing to eco-friendly materials when upgrading their facilities: installing solar panels, changing packaging or moving to biodegradable products.


  • Invest in local projects and more artist events. The recent success with Art in the Park and the remodeled Rea House are drawing in audiences and visitors. Our town can become a hub for diverse arts and culture. With local businesses like Rebel Child Designs and Color and Whim there is a new appeal for artistic themes and energy. This will spur on local business and bring social-economic development for us all.  


  • Work to establish a compost program for our small businesses and residents which has many benefits. This will help to reduce the waste we have and benefit other towns that are locally growing crops by using this waste. Look to an organization like Java's Compost for guidance and a possible partnership. Composting is a missing link in New Jersey and we can be a leader in Passaic County on this front.

  • Start to have one-on-one discussions with local businesses about ordinances that ban plastic bags and styrofoam containers. Discuss the importance of moving their businesses to more sustainable materials. This all ties back into the Green Business Model which can drive customers to these local establishments. Many towns in New Jersey are taking this head on and adopting these ordinances. Paramus Borough passed a very extensive version here.