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Craig Cayetano is running for Hawthorne Town Council Ward 3 in 2023! Consistent, compassionate and conscientious. I'm always putting Hawthorne First!


"I'm a lifelong Northern New Jersey resident, grew up in Bergenfield, but have resided in Hawthorne for almost twenty years now. I'm second generation Peruvian on my father's side and of Italian/German descent on my mother's. Both my mother and grandmother were hardworking servers for over 45 years each. we grew up accustom living paycheck to paycheck as a way of life. I had been a busboy for them from time to time. Then, I was hired to be a veterinary technician at sixteen and was self-taught. Even back then I was a very good listener. I had varied interests growing up: baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, band, debate but mainly science and the environment were my focus. I helped to form our high school Environmental Club. I was its president as well. I studied Biology, Political Science and Philosophy while attending community college before being thrust into the full-time sales workforce. I still am constantly studying one topic or another almost daily and am always learning.

I have always believed in and worked for fairness towards all political parties. Trying to always study all sides of the political spectrum and to develop a common sense or “real world” approach to issues. I have supported many Independent or Green Party candidates up and down the ballot in every election. After stepping away from politics, I re-engage during 2015 for the Sanders primary campaign and supported him until his concession. Since then, I have seen the control, influence and harm the two-party system has affected the electoral process. I respect those that still vote in every election but remain Independent or Unaffiliated. I understand why some have even decided not to vote. While volunteering on a few campaigns over the last few years I truly listen to their reasons and concerns. I honestly love conversing about the day-to-day issues that matter most to people. I strive to build the Green Party because it is focused on community, environment, labor and not beholden to any corporate interests or donors. I started locally as a member and then became one one of our state's National Delegates. Afterwards, I was voted to three terms as GPNJ State Co-Chair, along with being the GPNJ Communications Chair. I have also been elected to fill an open term on the Green Party US Steering Committee and am a liaison to the GPUS Media Commitee, Merchandise Committee and their Presidential Campaign Support Committee. I have ran for Hawthorne Town council on a platform approachable to all and am still committed to the consistent message and will strive to bring forward voices not always represented in town. I have been a Hawthorne Green Team member since 2018, am a current board member of the Passaic County SPCA based here in Hawthorne. I was a co-founding member of Voter Choice NJ and Mutual Passaic County. I always lead by example and have been a listener, activist, organizer and will be a strong advocate for the people and all of Hawthorne. We can finally make this a victory year with all of your support!"  



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