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Cayetano For Council: History Repeats Itself! All of Ward 3 Canvassed! Announces Election Night Unwind Event! 

Cayetano For Council: History Repeats Itself! All of Ward 3 Canvassed! Announces Election Night Unwind Event! 


History Repeats Itself! The Cayetano For Council Campaign, despite the inclement weather these past few days, was able to successfully canvass all of Ward 3.


Craig Cayetano said “I’m so grateful to all our volunteers! We have been trying to reach the whole ward, at least once but in some cases two to three times to discuss certain concerns and issues of importance with specific residents. I am glad to see a huge spike in voter turnout from last year with utilization of our new secure ballot drop box. No matter the results on Tuesday, I am proud of continuing to run a grassroots campaign, pledging to take no PAC, fossil fuel or developer money and earning the endorsements of Congressional and Board Of Education candidates, residents, activists and organizations since we filed. As I said before having more voices and choices is what democracy is all about. Every vote matters so I hope we still inspire our constituents to vote for us through Election Day on Tuesday.”


There is still work to be done in the next two days, so the campaign is shifting gears. As we approach the final stretch, it’s even more important for residents to research our campaign, platform and proposals. It’s as crucial as ever to reinforce the message of voting for the person over party. If you haven’t checked out the TAPInto Hawthorne questionnaire you can see that here:


The Passaic County Greens, Cayetano For Council and Hoffman For Senate Campaigns are announcing Election Night Unwind (Socially Distant, Of Course) to support Hawthorne’s Billy’s Midway and Celtic Corner. Anyone is welcome to attend and discuss anything with fellow residents, Green Party members, and candidates Craig Cayetano and Madelyn Hoffman. You must register via Eventbrite for your green wrist band. There will be two 12 person blocks to game up at Billy’s Midway due to ongoing occupancy restrictions. Please sign up for your arcade block between 8-9pm and 9-10pm. You will pay Billy’s Midway for your admission when you arrive. We will have dedicated socially distanced tables at the Celtic Corner all night. There will be vegetarian, vegan options and a few drink specials for those attending through our event. This event might go past 10pm if we can pack in Billy’s arcade upstairs. Make sure to sign up for it here: 


We thank everyone for supporting and voting for us this year! As an advocate for Hawthorne and Ward 3 we welcome the chance to truly work towards even further improving our wonderful town! Ward 3 please vote today Row D for all of our Greens and 6D for Craig!


Please check out our campaign on various social media platforms, website, email [email protected] and by phone #973-433-6696.






Questions for the 2020 Candidates: Ward 3 Council

Questions for the 2020 Candidates: Ward 3 Council
Credits: Shutterstock, Inc - Royalty Free

TAPinto Hawthorne sent a questionnaire to the candidates to help residents get an idea of where they stand on some issues as election day draws near. 

The Third Ward council seat was won by the late Garrett Sinning (R) in the 2019 election.  When Sinning passed in November, Anne Marie Sasso and Michael Sciarra sought to fill the seat as interim-councilmember, with Sciarra ultimately carrying the council's vote.  As interim-councilman, he would serve until a special election was held in November.  There are three candidates seeking the votes of Ward Three residents.

The responses received by TAPinto Hawthorne are listed below. 

The candidates are listed in last-name-alphabetical-order: Craig Cayetano, Kimberly Maciejewski, and Michael Sciarra.

As a matter of policy, in general and TAPinto Hawthorne in particular extend no endorsements to candidates and afford equal opportunity to all.




What special experience do you bring that will benefit the residents of Hawthorne by serving as Ward 3 council member that sets you apart from your competitors?

I grew up in a low-income household and can relate to people's day-to-day struggles during this ongoing crisis. I have worked as a veterinary technician and at sales, which allows me to have compassion, objectivity and the ability to negotiate on behalf of the residents of Ward 3. I am an environmental activist that is involved in numerous groups: Hawthorne Environmental Commission/Green Team, Passaic County SPCA, ANJEC and the Sierra Club. I helped to start a mutual aid group: Mutual Passaic County during the pandemic, am a founding member of Voter Choice NJ and am currently one of the state co-chairs of the Green Party of New Jersey. I work with people every day, in many different capacities and can put aside partisan party politics to forge a path ahead together. I’m not someone that is just going to fall in line. I stand up, speak up, make objective decisions and am a listener.

I have a full fledged website, platform, and a social media presence and have made this fun for our supporters. Running as an Independent Green Party candidate means I’m not taking any corporate money and my ideals align with all. I have a lot of support from Republicans and Democrats. I have had numerous campaign endorsements by people putting aside parties, including BOE members, residents, activists and organizations. In local politics it’s about the person not the party. Please consider supporting and voting for us -- 6D for Craig!

What is your overall vision for the borough of Hawthorne and how do you wish to implement that vision if you win?

CAYETANO - I envision a Hawthorne in which we unite as a community and welcome all who come to reside here. A thriving neighborhood with a robust small business based local economy. A town that offers a different feel than those around us with more arts and creativity. Even more green spaces, improving our infrastructure and working to preserve the environment for the future we deserve. I’ve been advocating for everyone to complete the census this year and I’m sure once we see that data, our population will grow and trend younger. We have to realize this and embrace different cultures and races. I’ve advocated for another flag pole so that we can hold dedications for other ethnicities and fly the progress pride flag.

I want to see us utilize the bandshell even more for events that focus on this as well. We could host a Passaic County Pride Festival at our borough bandshell. This would be a monumental step for our town and the county!

We had an amazing Solidarity March for BLM this summer that woke up the town and put us on the map. Many towns were amazed by the response and turnout we had. I’m very grateful for and respectful of our police, but we still need body cams and to discuss a few other items presented in the Call To Action we issued then. I can sit down and as an independent voice be the bridge between the arms of government, the police and our residents. There is no harm in a new direction when it comes to these issues. These are some of the advantages and strengths I bring to this council seat.

What do you think are three (3) specific matters that need addressing going forward with respect to Ward 3 concerns and how would you do so?

CAYETANO - Five Corners - Interest in the property is starting to pick up with new developers or potential new owners. I’ve publicly stated I would not support any commercial or retail space here. I’ve proposed that we work with the county and state to have them procure the land to turn this space into a Visitors Welcome Center. Goffle Brook Park does not have adequate parking on that end of town and the existing structure can be utilized as a space for the County Parks and Recreation Department. They can repurpose the canopy of the gas station and put solar panels on it.Install electric vehicle charging stations underneath for guests to use. The solar panels would power the stations and the main structure. There is the ability to fit approximately 15 cars for parking on the property. This will solve the issues of parking and easy access to that end of the county park. My approach will finally end the ongoing controversy at the space. The residents in the surrounding area, including myself, would welcome it only being used from dawn until dusk. There will no longer be a debate about another gas station, convenience or retail store bogging down that corner. The intersection is very tricky and any retail store would add an influx of traffic which potentially leads to accidents and congestion. I think this is the perfect solution and I would work towards coordinating efforts with the county and state. Here are photos of what it could look like on my campaign website:

Speeding and Safety - The last few years I have spoken up and made public comments at town council meetings about the need to implement more safety measures. Pedestrians, bicyclists and joggers need to feel safe on Rea Ave Ext., Goffle Rd., Goffle Hill Rd. and Lafayette Ave. Ext. While some recent stop signs and flashing crossing signals installed are nice, more needs to be done. I propose to reduce the speed limit on county roads, more police patrols up through the ward at night and installing speed plates. If North Haledon can be successful in reducing the speed limit on their county roads so can we. We need to have more patrols up these arteries of the ward. Every night there are vehicles that race outside my house up and down the hill and it's only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Speed plates installed at some of the cross streets will help reduce the amount of vehicles cutting through to save time avoiding traffic lights. I will gladly work with our county on these efforts.

Bike Pathways - Another important need is proper bike pathways to the center of town. If we installed bike corrals near major sections of the ward in downtown we could decrease the need for driving into the business district. You could bike to Sprinkles, Mr. Cupcakes, Stewarts, Olssons and other businesses. My idea is a more expansive bike pathway to connect Ward 3 with the whole town, schools, municipal pool and train station. If needed we can secure grants from the state and schedule a traffic study. I’ve laid out a tentative plan and bike pathway on my website as well.

What do you think are three (3) specific matters that should be addressed which affect the town as a whole and how would you do so?

CAYETANO - Pan Chemical - A future focused plan to remediate and utilize the space on the demolished property. I’ve laid out a plan that might take years but we would work with the county, state and NJ transit to build a proper parking garage, offer bike corrals, electric vehicle charging stations and a state of the art train station with proper shelter and bus stop added. A suitably constructed parking garage will afford our residents proper parking and utilize our train line more. It will also free up parking on Washington Ave for the residents there and on Grand Ave for businesses. This will help increase ticket sales out of our location which could lead to better train and bus services for our residents. I would work to bridge the negotiations on this important project.

Sustainable Future - Part of bringing our town into the 21st century would include installing electric vehicle charging stations which would benefit our business district, installing solar on the borough hall and municipal pool to power those structures and the bandshell. Start to install solar powered trash and recycling bins across town. We would analyze and work towards migrating our town’s power to sources that are renewable. We would evaluate a plan to migrate some of our municipal vehicle fleet towards electrics like other towns across the country. There are grants available to help offset the cost of some of these initiatives while the rest would eventually end up saving us money within a few years. You need someone like myself who works with the Environmental Commission and Green Team to help lead the charge and educate the rest of the town on the overall benefits. This is mentioned in my platform here:

Business & Artistic Focus - We need to attract even more small businesses. I do not support big box chains and want more diverse culinary food choices and a small grocery store. I’ve called on us to embrace a younger, more artistic vibe like Boonton or Somerville with a nice downtown layout like Maywood. I don’t want us to be another Ridgewood or Glen Rock but align with the arts segment of our community. Recent successes like the revamped Rea House, Art In The Park, businesses like Rebel Child Designs and with Color and Whim opening here soon, it is clear that now is the time.

It would be great to have a restaurant row on Diamond Bridge and expand outdoor seating in the future there. It would need to be discussed and have input from the local businesses. I would want better seating, tenting, lighting and a stage to draw out performers would make the space like the pedestrian plaza in Jersey City or recently created in Montclair. We would need to explore adding a dedicated 15 minute parking for our businesses.

I would love to see us work to fill existing structures before exploring building more. I don’t support any more eyesore looking storage units which bring down homeowners property values, gas stations or convenience stores. I do hope that the new one slated for 204 Wagaraw will be designed to look like the townhomes set for that property. Westwood recently forced the developer there to do that when they installed a structure there which helps it blend in. You need someone to do outreach to the small businesses with connections throughout the state to lead these efforts. I mention this in my platform here:

These are just some of the skills and benefits I bring to council. Please check out our website and social media for more. You can also call 973-433-6696 or email ca[email protected] - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.




What special experience do you bring that will benefit the residents of Hawthorne by serving as Ward 3 councilmember that sets you apart from your competitors?

MACIEJEWSKI - After graduating law school I spent 10 years practicing as a Conflicts of Interest and Ethics attorney.  Several years ago I shifted careers and now work for a Wall Street financial advisory firm, advising on corporate and business conflicts and regulatory issues.  I am a daily professional problem solver and consensus builder as I help navigate complicated conflicts, all while supporting and growing business.  

As an ethics advisor, I know that doing what is right must always come first, and I have the unique ability to discuss and provide counsel to others to help them navigate complicated ethical issues.  I'd bring that same moral compass and spirit of problem-solving and consensus building to the Hawthorne Council, helping our leaders see beyond politics or personal disputes to help put the interests of Hawthorne residents first and build and support our neighbors and local businesses.  

What is your overall vision for the borough of Hawthorne and how do you wish to implement that vision if you win?

MACIEJEWSKI - When my husband and I chose Hawthorne to call our home, we were attracted by the beauty, charm, and immense potential we saw.  That potential still exists, it just needs leaders who think and act proactively in order to see it come to fruition.   While the ability to call up your local councilperson to report an issue is part of the beauty I see in our community, it shouldn't take a phone call for a problem to be identified.

Proactivity means showing leadership and appointing committees to identify existing issues and then putting in the hard work of developing and implementing a plan to get things done.  We need to work together to find solutions for attracting more high-quality businesses, developing empty storefronts, and improving the health and safety of our residents through the cleanup of environmental hazards.  On day one I will work with my fellow council members and ask the hard questions including: why aren't we attracting more families, why don't we have sufficient commuter infrastructure, and why aren't we attracting the kind of businesses our community needs to keep tax dollars inside the Borough.  Only then can we make changes to town policies and code that will proactively address these problems and help keep Hawthorne building for the future.

What do you think are three (3) specific matters that need addressing going forward with respect to Ward 3 concerns and how would you do so?

MACIEJEWSKI - Five Corners - The development of "Five Corners", the site of the closed down Shell gas station on Goffle Road, is a constant topic in Ward 3 politics.  As a council member, my job is not to insert my opinion and tell my neighbors what I think should happen to the property, but rather to ask their opinion and build a consensus and plan for moving forward.

As the Ward 3 council representative, I will immediately create an open forum where we can come together as neighbors and have our voices be heard on what this space should look like.  Comments would be collected online via a specially created page on the Borough website, and comment boxes will be set up at the Library and Borough Hall.  After, special forums will be hosted to communicate and take additional commentary on the opinions of the submitted proposals.  

The Borough then should act proactively to implement the neighborhood's preferred course of action.  This may involve working with State and County officials to help convert the space, or working with the landowner to attract a different type of business to suit the neighborhood's needs.  The goal should be to put a plan into place for the future of this site and begin executing on the development by the end of 2021.

I have opinions and preferences as a resident on what Five Corners would ideally look like, but I am only a single voice.  I want to work together with my Ward 3 neighbors to come up with a plan for this space that improves our town and builds community partnership and engagement.

High School Drop Off and Pick Up Safety - While the COVID-19 pandemic has created lower levels of vehicle traffic along Warburton and Parmelee avenues, eventually our schools will re-open with full attendance.  Previously I've advocated for a review of the pick-up and drop-off traffic patterns surrounding Hawthorne High School for both the safety of the children and the surrounding residential neighborhood.

The proactive approach would be to consider now making changes to Parmelee and Warburton traffic during school drop off and pick up hours.  This would include additional safety measures along Warburton, such as the lengthening of the no parking areas to alleviate the "blind" nature of the Parmelee/Warburton intersection and considering stop signs and speed bumps along Warburton.  The Borough should also consider the State of New Jersey's own "best practices" recommendation for schools located in residential areas and investigate designating either or both Bamford and Parmelee ave as one way during the morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up hours.

Utilization of Goffle Park for Community Building Events - In recent years Passaic County has made significant improvements to Goffle Park, a large stretch of which resides in Ward 3.  The Borough should be working with the county to utilize this space for regular community-building events.  This beautiful open area creates the potential for a variety of musical, art, and other events that could help bring together residents from all corners of our town.  While there are occasional informal programs hosted by residents, the Borough should develop a commission that helps formally promote regular gatherings and entertainment.  This will be even more important as the Borough and our country begin to open back up after the pandemic has subsided.  

What do you think are three (3) specific matters that should be addressed which affect the town as a whole and how would you do so?

MACIEJEWSKI - Smart Economic Development - Too many Hawthorne residents currently go elsewhere to shop, eat, work, and play while many buildings remain vacant or undeveloped.  The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the problem as existing businesses were forced to shutter due to state restrictions and health and safety concerns.  Now is the time for Hawthorne's leadership to take proactive steps to help attract business to Hawthorne to fill our empty storefronts and serve the needs of the community.  

Numerous programs exist to help our town identify the areas of "economic leak," specific categories of business where Hawthorne residents leave the area to shop and spend.  We need to utilize this data, along with community feedback, and come up with a proactive and comprehensive plan for attracting new businesses and redeveloping sites that are currently in disrepair.  

We also need to support existing Hawthorne businesses by promoting regular events that showcase the diversity of food, goods, and services they offer.  In warmer months, for example, the Borough could consider initiatives such as "Thursday Night Art Festivals" in Goffle Park or along Diamond Bridge and/or Grand avenues, inviting local artists to mix with food vendors and performers.  The Borough should also work with Passaic County to make the outdoor dining area from this past season a permanent fixture.

Inclusion - Another key characteristic of a thriving town is the feeling that everyone is welcome and appreciated.  This attracts families, businesses, and development.  If there is anything that 2020 has taught us its that we all need to do a better job of embracing our neighbors regardless of politics, religion, race, or sexual orientation.  I believe Hawthorne needs to take a much more proactive stance in promoting a sense of inclusion of all individuals.  

The Mayor took a much overdue first step this year by calling for the creation of a Hawthorne Pride Alliance.  While I applaud this new group and their efforts to make the LGBTQ community feel welcome in the Borough, much more needs to be done.  As a council member, I wouldn't wait for a recommendation to raise the pride flag in 2021, I would make the proposal myself along with the erection of a second flag pole at Borough Hall so that various other communities and causes can be proudly supported throughout the year.  In connection, I would also propose that the borough host and promote monthly events both in person and via the online platforms, in an effort to educate and connect our diverse residents.  This new inclusion initiative would work alongside groups such as the Pride Alliance to ensure all of Hawthorne's residents feel welcome and invested in bettering our community.

Modern Transit Center - As a council member, a key focus would also be working with New Jersey Transit, state, and other authorities to help develop a modern, safe, and attractive transit center for residents who commute for work or pleasure using the NJT rail system.  The former Pan Chemical site is an ideal candidate for transformation into a commuter hub to ease residential congestion from current train station parking and attract additional business.  While the building located on the property has recently begun to be demolished, the area remains an eyesore and an underutilized property that could be serving the needs of the community.

Hawthorne should immediately begin the process of evaluating transit center options including cleanup of the Pan Chemical property's environmental contamination, and opportunities for purchase or partnership with NJT to develop the site into a modern commuter hub and aim to have a plan in place by 2021.  This is an example of another vacant space in our Borough that needs proactive leadership and a plan of action in order to convert the current hazard into an asset for residents.

In closing, Hawthorne needs new ideas and a proactive approach in order to reach its full potential and better serve its residents.  I encourage everyone to vote for new leadership to help implement much-needed change and support our current residents and businesses.  Most importantly, however, I would simply encourage everyone to vote, regardless of candidate or party.  All voices deserve to be heard.


MICHAEL SCIARRA (Republican Party)


What special experience do you bring that will benefit the residents of Hawthorne by serving as Ward 3 councilmember that sets you apart from your competitors?

SCIARRA - Experienced, existing councilman and former Board of Education Trustee and past President.

History of Community involvement, Board of Education Trustee for 5 years.

Coached Special Needs Football and Rec Soccer.

Special need advocate and member of the Hawthorne SEPAC Special Education Parent advisory Council.  As a parent of a special needs child, I understand the importance of awareness and acceptance and focusing on diversity and inclusion throughout the community.

Business owner - as a business owner, I have had an opportunity to have many different types of experiences, building relationships with people from CEO to the entry level employee. Budgeting, Inventory Control, managing P&L. 

What is your overall vision for the borough of Hawthorne and how do you wish to implement that vision if you win?

SCIARRA - Focus on quality of life issues, community and family values.

Improve dialogue and communication with residents.  Using social media I started shooting PSA videos highlighting some volunteer groups, services and local shops that are available in Hawthorne.

Continue to improve Hawthorne infrastructure and road system.

Embrace welcoming new residents into the community- It’s important to embrace new residents when they move into the community.  With help from the Mayor and his administration staff, we were able to develop a New “Welcome Bag” to provide information and resources for a new resident along with a welcome letter from the Mayor.

Capitalize on, which has recognized Hawthorne as a hidden food gem.

Expanding the arts such as the Borough Band Shell.

Promoting small business and shop local.  Businesses are still struggling to survive, it’s now more important than ever to shop locally and support our small businesses, they are the lifeline of our community.  They are the same businesses that supported the schools, fundraisers and sports teams and employ many local residents in the community.

Keep taxes law and Hawthorne affordable for the young and old alike.

What do you think are three (3) specific matters that need addressing going forward with respect to Ward 3 concerns and how would you do so?

SCIARRA - Five corners empty Shell Station on Goffle Road - There have been a lot of ideas floated on what the property should be, some interesting and some good.  I would like to see the property be consistent with the neighborhood that affects the residents that are directly impacted in the area.

Speeding - I’m happy that we have recently addressed this issue with a Traffic Supervisor, Speeding has always been a concern for residents and having someone that can now evaluate and determine the best course of action towards public safety.

Managed redevelopment of vacant properties - Smart planning of properties that may become available, such as 3 Ronson “Patriot Hills” property on Goffle Road.

What do you think are three (3) specific matters that should be addressed which affect the town as a whole and how would you do so?

SCIARRA - Pan Chemical property - This property has been an issue for many years, Recently work has been being done as pre-deconstruction, to bring the buildings down to the slabs.   Site remediation is the responsibility of the previous owner, Pan Chemical, and is being undertaken under the direction of a state-licensed LSRP (Licensed Site Remediation Professional) to ensure compliance with state regulations, with oversight by the NJDEP.  I would envision a commuter Train Station where additional parking and small business would enhance the commuter resident experience and elevate the community.

Empty store fronts - Currently working with the Economic Development Committee to help revitalize empty storefronts in the borough.  

Respect for our neighbors - Working together on what unites us, not what divides us.  Work on common goals together.  Let’s show the rest of the country what make Hawthorne a special place to live and be #Hawthornestrong.

Success! Cayetano for Council Brings Attention Across Hawthorne Ward 3 with “Meet & Treat and Coffee With Craig” Events

Thanks to Shaker Ice Cream Inc. for staying out nearly an extra hour to help us hand out treats throughout Ward 3!Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Green Party Candidates unite before rolling out in the ice cream truck.Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Step right up! Craig Cayetano was ready to hand out ice cream and other frozen treats at the Cayetano For Council event last Friday.Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Cayetano right before the livestream on Facebook.Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Elbow taps for Howie Hawkins Green Party Presidential Candidate and Madelyn Hoffman US Senate Green Candidate.Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Great to see neighbors stopping by, supporting and enjoying their ice cream!Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Thanks to Shaker Ice Cream Inc. for staying out nearly an extra hour to help us hand out treats throughout Ward 3!Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council
Green Party Candidates unite before rolling out in the ice cream truck.Credits: Craig Cayetano-Cayetano For Council

On Friday October 2nd, the Cayetano for Council Campaign held its “Meet & Treat” kickoff event outside Cayetano’s house. He was joined by Green Party Presidential Nominee Howie Hawkins and Green US Senate candidate Madelyn Hoffman. They held a livestream outside while supporters picked up materials, signs and enjoyed their ice cream. Hawkins and Cayetano then went aboard the truck and rode around Ward 3. 

Hawkins has been traveling the country campaigning for president and made a few appearances in New Jersey over the weekend. His focus is on elevating down-ballot Green Party campaigns during this cycle and was warmly welcomed to Cayetano’s event. You can find out more about his campaign here: 

Madelyn Hoffman, Green US Senate Candidate for New Jersey, made a special appearance as well. She spoke about her campaign, handed out materials, and rode along the route to say hi to the residents. You can follow her campaign here:


This “Meet & Treat” wouldn’t have been possible without truck owner Shaker Matar, who is the town's locally permitted ice cream truck, Shaker Ice Cream Inc. He was very accommodating and even helped translate a few conversations with local Arabic families along the route. You can find out more about the services and parties his truck offers by contacting him here: (973) 689-5555

As the Cayetano For Council campaign drove around Ward 3, they met some supporters, but many residents were unaware of the campaign and event. Cayetano said, “I was pleased to hear people say that they had to come out for the ice cream truck since the jingle could be heard from blocks away. We met so many new faces across the ward which were very welcoming and positive to the message and free treat.” The event went even longer than expected and didn’t wrap up until almost 8pm.

The campaign continues to build momentum ahead of the mail-in ballots and held its second “Coffee With Craig” on Sunday, October 4th, at the Hawthorne Diner. Cayetano is setting aside time on Sundays to address any questions residents have and to discuss what is on the minds of those in the ward. “I want the people of Hawthorne to know that their future councilman can be easily accessible and wants to hear what’s on their minds, as well,” said Cayetano.

The campaign is so pleased at the reception to these events and welcomes partnering with even more small businesses win or lose. “I’m committed to this town: our homeowners, renters and small businesses. Let’s continue to shop, support, play and eat locally for them. Please consider voting Green row D or at least 6D for Craig in Ward 3 starting October 8th through mail-in ballot or in person, at the polls, with a provisional paper ballot on November 3rd. All the campaign’s recent endorsements, news, platform and how to volunteer and donate are located on the campaign website and various social media platforms.






Craig Cayetano, Candidate for Town Council, Announces Special Event: Hawthorne Ward 3 “Meet & Treat”  Friday, October 2nd 4-7pm



 Craig Cayetano, Candidate for Town Council, Announces Special Event: Hawthorne Ward 3 “Meet & Treat”  Friday, October 2nd 4-7pm






As the Cayetano For Council campaign continues to build momentum ahead of the mail-in ballots due to arrive October 5th, it is announcing a very special event for the town: A Hawthorne Ward 3 “Meet & Treat” Friday, October 2nd from 4-7pm rain or shine. The campaign is partnering with Shaker Ice Cream Inc., Hawthorne’s local ice cream truck, to host the event.


This will be a fun and inviting way to meet the constituents of Ward 3 and listen to their concerns. Craig will be riding around in the ice cream truck handing out free ice cream or frozen non-dairy treats, one per person. The event will kick off outside Cayetano’s residence at 59 Pasadena Place, on the corner of Pasadena Place and Rea Avenue. The Cayetano for Council campaign will make a few campaign announcements, hand out campaign lawn signs to residents and then proceed across Ward 3. They will head up and around all of Ward 3 from 4-7pm. Make sure to keep an eye out for the ice cream truck and listen for that jingle!


Cayetano said, “This has been a hard year for us all. I am always trying to find fun and creative ways to showcase some of our small businesses and vendors. I’m glad to be able to spend the afternoon handing out treats to the residents of Ward 3 after a long week of school and work.”


The campaign and its staff thanks everyone for their continued support and hopes everyone loves this event. We are looking forward to partnering with Shaker Matar, owner of Shaker Ice Cream Inc. His truck is always available for events and parties across Passaic and Bergen counties. You can inquire about their services at (973)689-5555. We are working to earn residents’ votes starting with mail-in ballots on October 5th or in person, at the polls, with a Provisional paper ballot on November 3rd. The Hawthorne community can keep up on the campaign’s recent endorsements and news, or volunteer and donate at its campaign website.






Hawthorne, Completing Your 2020 U.S. Census Helps Everyone!

Craig recapping the latest 2020 census data for Hawthorne as of September 22, 2020.Credits: Craig Cayetano

We are in the home stretch, the last week to complete the 2020 U.S. Census. You might have received the mailing earlier this year, for me it was March 23. It was a simple letter, with a link to the website and a phone number in multiple languages, which took only 5 minutes to complete. 

On September 22, with less than a week left, Hawthorne is at a 77.6% self-response rate which is above the NJ 68.6% rate. We are 6.2% higher than the final numbers for 2010, but we need to strive for even more!

It has been noted that many communities were vastly under reported during the last U.S. Census in 2010. Hawthorne reported 18,791 people in the borough last time. There was only 3.4% Black or African American, 1.1% Asian and 24.2% Hispanic or Latino, but most identify as white. Senator Nellie Pou, chair of the NJ Legislative Latino Caucus said recently: “Regardless of your immigration status, how old you are, or how long you’ve been living in the state – if you were living in New Jersey on April 1, 2020, you count

Another important segment that is always forgotten is the renters in town. Nationally, the U.S. Census Bureau stated, “There was a 12.2 percent net undercount rate for black male renters age 30 to 49, and 6.1 percent net undercount rate for male American Indians and Alaskan Natives renters age 30 to 49, and a net undercount of 8.6 percent for Hispanic male renters age 18-29.”

Finally, I have spent the last few months speaking on behalf of the importance of completing this year’s 2020 U.S. Census: through social media accounts or during public comments at our Hawthorne virtual town council meetings. I have been pleased that the mayor has included it in some of his weekly letters. In that same article, the NJ Latino Caucus stated: “Over the next decade, lawmakers, business owners, and many others will use 2020 Census data to make critical decisions such as: what communities need new schools, new clinics, new roads, and more services for families, older adults, and children. The results will inform how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are allocated to more than 100 programs, including Medicaid, Head Start, block grants for community mental health services, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP.” 


I thank all the Census Enumerators working out in the streets and going door to door during this crisis. Please share this with relatives and spend a few minutes right now to complete the 2020 U.S. Census. The deadline is September 30. It can help us all!

Craig Cayetano represents Hawthorne as the Green Party Council Candidate in Ward 3 for 2020

Craig Cayetano, Council Candidate Hawthorne Ward 3 - Campaign is Taking off! Featured on Green Wave Showcase 9/10 at 9pm EST

Credits: Craig Cayetano
greenwave2020 .jpg
2020 Green Party candidate Craig Cayetano to be featured on Green Party US Green Wave Candidate Showcase. Credits: Craig Cayetano
Craig Cayetano Credits: Craig Cayetano
Cayetano4Council, Hawkins/Walker For President/Vice President, Hoffman For Senate and Green Party of NJ. Credits: Elisabeth Barker
Credits: Craig Cayetano
greenwave2020 .jpg
2020 Green Party candidate Craig Cayetano to be featured on Green Party US Green Wave Candidate Showcase. Credits: Craig Cayetano

Last week, Cayetano was featured on independent news organization, Hot Indie Media’s “A Green World Is Possible - An Online Candidate Forum” with a panel of other Green Party candidates running for office across the country. He was able to discuss how campaigning has changed during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Here is a link to see that interview:

This past weekend the campaign was featured at the Annual Labor Day Parade at the American Labor Museum/Botto House in Haledon, NJ. The event was scaled down to ensure everyone’s safety. Everyone was told to wear masks, bring hand sanitizer, water and to social distance. Cayetano said, “It was great to be invited back for a second year with our campaign. I’ve attended the last four years through the Green Party and love seeing all the happy children and families as we march. I’m proud to support first responders, healthcare workers, laborers, Postal workers and Unions. I can’t wait to be back next year!”

As we get closer to October 5th when we start to receive mail-in ballots through to Election Day. You can keep up to date on the campaign at their website and consider donating:, Facebook:, Instagram:, Twitter:

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer.

Hawthorne & Every Town Deserves Its Own Secure Ballot Drop Box

Hawthorne & Every Town Deserves Its Own Secure Ballot Drop Box
Passaic County Ballot Drop BoxCredits: Craig Cayetano
Craig Cayetano/Ballot Drop Box
Hawthorne & Every Town Deserves Its Own Secure Ballot Drop BoxCredits: Craig Cayetano
Hawthorne & Every Town Deserves Its Own Secure Ballot Drop Box
Craig Cayetano outside the Passaic County Administration Building with one of the county ballot drop boxesCredits: Craig Cayetano
Hawthorne & Every Town Deserves Its Own Secure Ballot Drop Box
Passaic County Administration BuildingCredits: Craig Cayetano
During the last town council’s online meeting I spoke during public comment about a few important issues. 

One I feel is of utmost importance and urgency was my request to the council, mayor and borough administration to ask for our own secure ballot drop box to be installed in time for the general election. I informed everyone that as of last week, there were only five secure ballot drop boxes throughout Passaic County: Clifton’s Municipal Building, Passaic’s Municipal Building, Ringwood’s Municipal Building, Wayne’s Municipal Building and the County of Passaic Administration Building in Paterson. Here is the link to their addresses and locations.


I was shocked by this and hope everyone else on the call was as well. My request would require the council, mayor and administration to directly communicate with the Passaic County Clerk’s office. I asked them to do so and was told that they would make the attempt. It is my hope that they will have something to report by the next council meeting.

I support all pathways and access to voting. I myself understand and feel disheartened by in-person voting being reduced to a paper provisional ballot but there are ongoing safety and health risks due to COVID-19. We wouldn’t want to put the mostly senior poll workers at risk. I also understand the concerns of some voters that they are limited by having to vote by mail. Most people will feel inconvenienced by having to track down one of these scattered, secure ballot boxes.

The only other reasonable and sensible option I see is to install one of these right here in Hawthorne and in every town ahead of the general election. Please join me if you agree and reach out to the mayor at, 973-427-1168. Call the Passaic County Clerk's office, 973-881-4127, and demand Hawthorne have its own secure ballot box installed. Let’s put partisan lines aside and allow for democracy to occur. Everyone ought to have easier access for casting their ballots! More information can be found on the evolving election process and upcoming sample ballots at this link:

The Passaic County Clerk's office can be reached at (973) 225-3632. 

The Passaic County Board of Elections

Ken Hirmann, Office Administrator

401 Grant Street, Room 123

Paterson, NJ 07505 - Phone (973) 881-4780 - Fax (973) 523-9121 - Election Day Phone (973) 569-2181

Craig Cayetano represents Hawthorne as the Green Party Council Candidate in Ward 3 for 2020

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Craig Cayetano, Hawthorne Town Council Candidate for Ward 3 is Calling on Residents to Donate to the Passaic County SPCA

Passaic County SPCACredits: Craig Cayetano
Craig Cayetano, Council Candidate Hawthorne Ward 3Credits: Craig Cayetano & Heather Warburton
Hi everyone,

I’m Craig Cayetano, Council Candidate for Hawthorne Ward 3 asking you to help support the Passaic County SPCA and donate to help continue their efforts to provide to the community. 

During their recent monthly meeting, it was mentioned for an increased need for more cat food donations. They’ve had a lot of requests by families for their Pet Pantry services especially, during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. They are open the first Saturday of each month from 1-4pm. Their mission is to always provide to those in need.  


The Passaic County SPCA is the only agency in the county that focuses solely on the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect. Your donation will help stock the Pet Pantry with the most important items needed at the time. You can donate through PayPal at this link.

Finally, you can always drop off items in the bins provided at the front of their headquarters. They accept donations of new, unused wet and dry food and treats. This month’s efforts are focusing on donations of cat food, treats and litter. You can find more information on membership, volunteering, the Pet Pantry process on their website: or on their Facebook page:

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer. Click here to submit a Letter to the Editor.

Hawthorne is Evolving: Pride Month in 2020 and Plans for the Future

Credits: Craig Cayetano
Craig flag.jpg
Craig Cayetano with the Pride Flag in Red Bank, NJ Credits: Craig Cayetano

Mayor Richard Goldberg has once again displayed the Rainbow Pride flag in the window of the borough hall for June. Some have said that’s enough or that it’s a nice gesture, to those of us who are allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, it appears to be a measured step. Numerous calls were made to the mayor to take the flag out of the window and fly it on our flagpole. Even during the virtual Town Council meeting last Wednesday night, the mayor stood by this decision, despite our call for it to be flown, if not in June, then in July. 

Mayor Goldberg did announce the formation of the Hawthorne Pride Alliance which will be led by Mike Stracco. We commend this amazing news since most communities do not have a town-backed group like this. Some towns may have a broader based Diversity & Equality Committee, but this is a very progressive move from our Republican Mayor. We have spoken with Mike and are letting the mayor’s office know we would like to be included as an ally during the formation of the Pride Alliance since there are a lot of details still to work out. We hope that the members of this new Alliance will be appointed by Mr. Stracco since we definitely need local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, intersexual and asexual representation. 


Per our conversation, the bylaws and mission of the Alliance are being formulated. The mayor’s office is accepting calls and names to be considered. In the one week since being established, Mr. Stracco said “A lot has been accomplished with more in the coming week. I have been in contact with the Mayor at least once a day.” 

Mr. Stracco has assured me that he will be working directly with the mayor to review everyone interested in joining the Pride Alliance.

After a momentous month in the community with our March in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter (over 400 attended) and this announcement by the Mayor, we heard of an event being organized for this Friday night. This gathering will be outside Borough Hall from 5:30-6pm. It is called “Hawthorne Pride Day. The community is invited to join us as we symbolically raise the Pride Flag in Hawthorne. We will gather in recognition of Pride Month and celebrate diversity and inclusion in Hawthorne! All LGBTQI+ and Allies invited!” 

Of course, everyone should attend and celebrate. Unfortunately, we found out that it isn’t all that inclusive. It is being organized by members of the Democrats of Hawthorne, who moved forward without input from the newly formed Pride Alliance. They have failed to directly invite Mr. Stracco of the Hawthorne Pride Alliance to attend. 

Pride events should transcend partisan politics, but it appears that under the guise of a community event, party politics may be involved here. Mr. Stracco said: “I received a Facebook message from someone I’m not friends with to notify me that a few members of the community will be gathering at Borough Hall Friday night. That’s all. I said thank you, but have not been formally invited or asked to have a liaison speak.” Mr. Stracco also said, “This Alliance will be a non-partisan group and welcomes everyone to join.”

The Green Party has stood up for LBGTQIA+ community for decades. We have a New Jersey caucus: Lavender Greens and a National Lavender Greens Caucus that helps to steer our party, policy and platform. What we need in town is to allow people to be heard that have felt hidden or unwelcome. Hawthorne needs to show them that we are, in fact, a welcoming community. 

Each year, more students are identifying as transgendered or non-binary. As a town we need to show support and camaraderie and that our community is becoming more open and diverse. Hawthorne is beginning a new chapter in becoming more inclusive, so we call on the newly formed Hawthorne Pride Alliance to support and fight for the following now and in the future:

The town should raise the Progress Pride Flag starting this July 2020, not just the traditional rainbow flag. The reason is to show support for our Transgender community and the black transgendered community, communities still persecuted each day in this country.

The town should cover the purchase and installation of a separate flagpole if we cannot fit all the flags on the existing one. Temporarily moving the New Jersey State flag to another pole or take it down for now as an interim solution. There is room in the budget to buy a second pole. It could be situated right next to the current one. 

We call for the town to work to promote Pride month in June 2021. Our pride month should begin with a giant kick-off party held at our Borough band shell, which will ring in the start of its season the first weekend of June. Many towns have celebrations for Pride. We can be a leader and host a large event for our county to respect and help promote.

We recognize the importance of Mayor Goldberg in creating the Hawthorne Pride Alliance but recognize that as an ally, we must work to elevate the issues our LBGTQIA+ community wants. We look forward to assisting in any capacity as the Alliance is formalized. I particularly look forward to next year when I can assist and support the Pride Alliance, hopefully as your Ward 3 councilman. 

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer. Click here to submit a Letter to the Editor.

Hawthorne Green Party Candidate Craig Cayetano Receives Endorsement from Journalist Chris Hedges

Craig Cayetano 1.jpg
Craig CayetanoCredits: Craig Cayetano

HAWTHORNE, NJ - Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, visiting lecturer at Princeton, and briefly a Congressional candidate in New Jersey's 12th district, has released an endorsement of the New Jersey Green Party candidates, which include Hawthorne Ward 3 candidate Craig Cayetano, according to a statement. 

The Green Party ticket also includes Howie Hawkins for President of the United States, Angela Walker for Vice President of the United States, and Madelyn Hoffman for the United States Senate.

"These candidates embody Green Party values," Hedges said.  "They know that the mainstream political parties have not, and will not, invest in people rather than corporations. They will never reform the systems of social control embodied in the police, the war industry, and prisons."

Hedges blasted the Democratic and Republican parties, saying, "Our enemy is the tiny cabal of corporate oligarchs who have seized control of the two ruling parties, the three branches of government, the media, academia, our health services, and the economy. They have usurped our rights to exclusively serve corporate profit. This is especially true in New Jersey, which has one of the most corrupt Democratic Party machines in the nation."

Those wishing to sign petitions for Cayetano must live in the Third Ward of Hawthorne.

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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Chris Hedges Endorses Green Party of NJ 2020 Candidates


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Chris Hedges Endorses Green Party of NJ 2020 Candidates


June 25th, 2020

The Green Party of New Jersey is proud to announce that Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, and activist Chris Hedges endorsed all GPNJ candidate campaigns for 2020. They are: Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for President and Vice-President, Madelyn Hoffman for U.S. Senate, and Craig Cayetano for Council in Ward 3 in Hawthorne.

In his letter of endorsement, Chris Hedges writes, “I endorse the Green Party campaigns of candidates Howie Hawkins for President and Angela Walker for Vice President; the campaign of Madelyn Hoffman for U.S. Senate; and the special election campaign of Craig Cayetano for town council, Ward 3, in the town of Hawthorne. These candidates embody Green Party values. They know that the mainstream political parties have not, and will not, invest in people rather than corporations. They will never reform the systems of social control embodied in the police, the war industry, and prisons.”

He continued, “These candidates are facing important deadlines for filing petitions to place them on the November ballot. They need our help in obtaining the signatures to meet election requirements…We must step outside the system, to pit power against power, as tens of thousands of courageous men and women are doing in hundreds of American cities. This process of radical change will not be easy. It will not happen quickly or in one election cycle. It is a process, especially given the ecocide and corporate serfdom that confronts us, that we must embrace as a moral imperative. Voting is a small part of this process, but it sends an important signal to the ruling elites that their time is up, or soon to be up. We must stop fearing them. They must start fearing us.”

Madelyn Hoffman faces a July 6th deadline (technically July 7th at 4pm) for submitting signatures. Her petitions can be signed  on-line here: Anyone eligible to vote in New Jersey who has not signed another petition for U.S. Senate may sign this petition.

Craig Cayetano faces the same deadline for submitting signatures. His signatures can be submitted on-line here:  To sign for Cayetano, you must live in the third ward of Hawthorne.

Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker have until July 26th, 2020 (technically July 27th at 4:00pm) to submit their petitions. Anyone in New Jersey eligible to vote who has not signed anyone else’s petition for President, can sign these petitions. Please help these Green Party candidates get on the ballot in November so they can carry this fight to the voting booth.

The link for electronic signatures for the Hawkins for President campaign is:

Continued Hedges, “Our enemy is the tiny cabal of corporate oligarchs who have seized control of the two ruling parties, the three branches of government, the media, academia, our health services, and the economy. They have usurped our rights to exclusively serve corporate profit. This is especially true in New Jersey, which has one of the most corrupt Democratic Party machines in the nation.”

He concludes, “Thank you for supporting the Green Party. The Green Party and its candidates stand unequivocally with those in the streets fighting institutionalized racism and those organizing strikes and work stoppages among frontline workers. The party seeks to express and honor the aspirations of those leading the current generational and class revolt shaking the foundations of New Jersey, the nation, and the world.”

Craig Cayetano Calling on Ward 3 to Sign Candidate Petition for November’s Special Election

Credits: photo by Craig Cayetano

Craig Cayetano Calling on Ward 3 to Sign Candidate Petition for November’s Special Election

Craig Cayetano-Candidate Hawthorne Ward 3 #973-433-6696

[email protected]

Madelyn Hoffman-Communications Chair, Green Party of NJ, #973-876-1023


Craig Cayetano, 2019’s Independent Green Party Candidate for Hawthorne’s Ward 3, announced on social media a few months ago that he intended to run again for Town Council in this fall’s Special Election. Sadly, this seat in Ward 3 opened up due to the untimely passing of Garret Sinning after the election last fall. The seat is being filled temporarily by Michael Sciarra.  

Normally, door to door collecting wouldn’t be an issue, but because of ongoing sensitivity surrounding Covid-19, Cayetano will be forced to utilize an online petition link to help attain the required numbers. His campaign will also utilize a QR code to allow for door to door contact-less collection and finally, for those comfortable with it, a traditional paper petition. Cayetano said, “We ran an amazing campaign last year! It brought our town together to embrace and include everyone on local issues. I have maintained that energy and continue to be out in our community during Covid-19. I attend Hawthorne council meetings online and have been providing mutual aid support to people in town and across Passaic County. So, in this last month, I will need all of our supporters in Ward 3 to help to secure enough signatures, so I can be on the ballot this fall.” 

Governor Murphy allowed candidates to utilize an emailed petition link to secure the signatures for this year’s elections and the New Jersey Green Party candidates for Town Council, US Senate and President/Vice President are all working hard to reach their objectives. Signing on a petition does not mandate a vote for them. The process is secure. A signature is solely designed to ensure that a candidate’s name will appear on the ballot on November 3rd.

Here are the links to Craig Cayetano’s petition, as well as the other Green Party candidates petitions in New Jersey: 


Hoffman For Senate 2020-

Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker For President & Vice President-

  Finally, all petition signatures for Craig must be submitted to the Passaic County Clerk’s office by Tuesday, July 7th at 4:00pm. “It is inspiring to see our community supporting each other, our elderly, those immunocompromised and our local businesses, during the COVID crisis. I am glad that everyone is coming together to stay positive and safe. I thank you all for supporting our race last year and look forward to working together to win in 2020! I am committed to our town and will run next year for an At-Large seat, if need be,” said Cayetano. You can check out more about the campaign at their website:, Facebook: Cayetano4council, Instagram: @Cayetano4council and Twitter: @Green4Ward3

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer.

Protestors Release Policing Call-to-Action, Chief McAuliffe Discusses Body Cameras

Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Sharon Albin
HAWTHORNE, NJ - At Sunday's Black Lives Matter rally, organizers and speakers called for changes in policing methods, among other topics, to combat racial incidents and mistreatment or abuse.  Towards the end of the rally, Craig Cayetano read a "Call to Action" outlining recommendations for policing policies to be adopted by the borough of Hawthorne and the Hawthorne Police Department.  One of the points was the matter of body cameras, which are worn by a police officer to provide an audio-visual record.

TAPinto Hawthorne spoke with Police Chief Richard McAuliffe for his thoughts following the demonstration.  "I think there are issues," McAuliffe said, "not so much in New Jersey but throughout the country.  Every state has different policies on use of force.  New Jersey does have some of the strictest laws on the use of force, we have race and bias policies.  We adhere to the policies.  I think they have a right to be heard.  There are problems."

Regarding body cameras, McAuliffe said that there had been a program that was delayed, but they were in the process of working through it for implementation.  "We had a [body camera] program in 2016," McAuliffe said, "we took four or five cameras to find the camera we wanted.  We had our pilot program spread out over a couple months.  We went to a vendor, the vendor went belly-up.  So, the company that bought them out is coming to replace them and our equipment that doesn't work with brand-new stuff at no cost to us.  That was the issue."


McAuliffe said that bodycams were their choice following a mandate for police cameras.  "When the mandate came out, we went right to body cameras.  We got some grant money for it, we started it, bought it, then it fell through, and we've contacted [the new company].... "The policy is out there, the policy is written, it's just a matter of the mechanics of the other ones.  We couldn't get a hold of anybody to get them up and running and if you don't have the whole system, it doesn't work.  We're continuing to work on progress with body cameras."

At the end of the rally Mayor Goldberg said to TAPinto Hawthorne, "I think we got to see what the constitution intended, peaceful protest.  I was pleased to see how well-mannered the crowd was and how understanding.  They have their grievances, they have discussed their grievances.  I hope we are all better for it and happy to come here to march."

Call to Action: Hawthorne’s Time to Embrace Systemic Policing Changes





a. Make recommendations and suggestions about police protocol to the town council and police department.
b. Review and make suggestions to alter the existing use-of-force continuum.
c. Receive and investigate complaints of excessive force, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and racial profiling.
d. To have discretion over the publication of body cam video in the aftermath of a heinous case of police injustice if it occurs in Hawthorne.
e. Issue subpoenas and have power to investigate complaints about community police behavior
f. Participate in police union contract renegotiation.
g. At least one member of the board must be a representative that is under 21 preferably someone 18 years old.

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"Black Lives Matter" Thunders at Hawthorne Rally

Credits: Rebecca Greene
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Judy Kopitar
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Judy Kopitar
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Judy Kopitar
Credits: Judy Kopitar
Credits: Judy Kopitar
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Jessica Ellis
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Sharon Albin
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Lynford Morton
Credits: Rebecca Greene
Credits: Rebecca Greene
Credits: Rebecca Greene
Credits: Rebecca Greene
Credits: Rebecca Greene
Credits: Rebecca Greene
Credits: Rebecca Greene

The Hawthorne community assembled a large gathering of peaceful but highly energized supporters, with Black Lives Matter representatives and supporters from neighboring towns such as Paterson and Prospect Park as well.  Organizers included Arbresha Ahmeti, who served as an emcee; Craig Cayetano; Melissa Lambert; Meaghan Touhey; Kevin Bergen; Jim Bushoven; and Sam Nygard.  A sea of masked faces, as the coronavirus has not disappeared, collected at the Municipal Swimming Pool parking lot area while the Hawthorne Police Department provided traffic control.  Before marching, the crowd was addressed by several of those involved in the movement including Black Lives Matter representative Zellie Thomas and the Rev. Jim Bushoven of the Rockpoint Community Church in North Haledon.

Chants of "No justice, no peace!" and "George Floyd matters!" resonated off of the many homes and businesses up and down Lafayette Avenue.  The energy was palpable and residents watched from their lawns or doors while others handed out water bottles. 

"I run a group called Light Upon Life," Amalia Rodriguez said, as she waited for protestors to get to the municipal building on Lafayette Avenue. "I want to bring awareness to people through performing arts."  She had a stand with 300 waters and 100 snacks to offer marchers.  "If I can do anything, I want to be kind."

“This is their right,” said Matt Brandt, a homeowner out on his porch. “As long as they’re peaceful. What I would like to know is what’s the end game here?  What does good look like?"

Resident John Rock waited on a bench on Lafayette Avenue for the marchers to reach him.  "I’m proud to be part of it."

As the demonstrators passed by the home of Daria Boyd, she watched with tears in her eyes, recalling the unrest of the sixties.  "We should be so embarrassed by this kind of injustice," remarking with sad astonishment that in the year 2020 such demonstrations were still needed.

In another sign of solidarity many Hawthorne residents were offering cold water, face masks, hand sanitizer, and their support. 

Mayor Goldberg lauded "the peaceful protestors who know that they, too, can participate without fear.  I'm proud to be the mayor of such a diverse community.  The Hawthorne of 2020 is not the Hawthorne of 1950.  The Police Department of 2020 is not the Police Department of 1950.  They are better educated and better trained."

Assemblywoman Lisa Swain said, "Since the tragic and horrific murder of George Floyd, demonstrations just like this one have occurred not only across America but throughout the entire world.  And calls for justice, fairness, and equality have been heard loud and clear.  As a legislator here in New Jersey, I stand here today to let you know I hear you and I am listening."

"I see you, I walk with you, and now I want to hear you," Police Chief Richard McAuliffe said to the crowd.  "Stand strong together against violence and racism.  I'm here to listen... I saw that video, I heard you... racism is a stigma and a lack of understanding.  Black lives matter!"

Craig Cayetano was glad to see the local support from the borough government and police.  "There are towns where no leadership showed up.  This is supposed to be local, not a political event.  I give credit to Mayor Goldberg for speaking, and as a Republican mayor in a Republican town, when he says 'Black Lives Matter', it makes waves, it matters.  Same with the police chief.  To have them speak is very encouraging."  Cayetano is the State Co-Chair of Green Party NJ and Passaic County Greens as well as a community organizer and activist.  He serves on the Hawthorne Environmental Commission/Green Team.

Zellie Thomas who spoke at the pool lot is a Paterson teacher, an organizer, former council candidate, and Black Lives Matter representative.  "He's fought for justice and leading events locally, and he's been running North Jersey Mutual Aid collecting meals," Cayetano said.

Paterson Board of Education member and activist Corey Teague was also among those who spoke, calling for an end to systemic racial injustice.

Selaedin Maksut, from the Council on American-Islamic Relations-NJ, offered a prayer, saying no one was superior to another, and all the prophets condemn racism.  "Racism is ignorance and an offense to God... our fight and protest for justice cannot stop."

"Our nation was quick to mobilize to fight coronavirus," another speaker said, calling for the nation to mobilize and fight against racism. 

As the speakers addressed the crowd, personal stories were offered up recounting instances in which they and those they knew were discriminated against, felt threatened, and other injustices endured. 

Tamara Jenkins representing Necessary Trouble Makers called for police to "End the no-snitch culture, end the warrior training.... we are not the enemy....  It'll take more than feel-good moments to earn our trust."

Another speaker railed against violence, saying, "Do not destroy your neighborhood or allow anyone from outside to destroy the neighborhood."  He also praised white allies, but cautioned them, "Do not let your enthusiasm outshine us."

Those who took up the megaphone to speak and offer their stories and insights included Lynda Gallashaw, Monet Kendall, Summer Davis, Terrell Hughes, and more, according to the event organizers.

The rally ended at 3:00 p.m. with impassioned speeches and prayers from Rev. Dr. Michelle White and Minister Chandra Frazier, before the demonstrators dispersed, many headed back to their vehicles at the pool lot.

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Hawthorne Community Organizes March In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

BLM March.jpg
Credits: Arbresha Ahmeti & Craig Cayetano

Communities across New Jersey and the country have come together in solidarity to support Black Lives Matter. We as a community denounce the death of George Floyd so organizers in Hawthorne, New Jersey have come together to host a march on Sunday, June 7th from 1-3pm. We are asking for people to meet at the municipal pool at 1pm. There will be an opening blessing by Pastor Jim Bushoven. An opening statement by local Black Live Matter Paterson Organizer Zellie Thomas and a call to march by TJ Powa.

At 1:30pm the crowd will march up Lafayette Ave and proceed to the Borough Hall. Once at borough hall from 2-3pm there will be a moment of silence for George Floyd, Selaedin Maksut representing CAIR-NJ will lead a blessing followed by remarks by Boro officials including Police Chief McAuliffe. Mayor Goldberg is invited to attend and speak as well. There will also be local speakers Corey Teague-Justice For Jameek Lowery, Terrell Hughes, Summer Davis and Monet Kendall-Turner community members.
There will be a call to action and an ending prayer by Rev. Dr. Michelle White. After the march we hope to keep the attention on improving all relations between the police and community. This will be a welcoming and peaceful event and those across Passaic County are invited to attend. Please bring water, hand sanitizer and signs. Also, bring and wear a mask for consideration of the others marching. Finally, we encourage you to use social distancing as much as possible. 

We thank you all in advance see you Sunday!



Green Party of New Jersey To Host Annual Convention Online, Presidential Primary Continues Until May 5th, 2020

On this May Day The Green Party of New Jersey-GPNJ stands with and in solidarity to all workers across this state and country! This pandemic continues to show the cracks in the capitalist economy and pulls back the thin veil hiding the strain on our critical medical care system, food supply and all necessary resources.


The Green Party of New Jersey- GPNJ has continued to organize and advocate for those affected during this ongoing Covid-19 crisis and has their Annual Convention streaming online tomorrow Saturday, May 2nd via Zoom from 1-4pm EST. Here is the link to sign up to attend virtually.


The Annual Convention is when new leadership is elected, caucuses and committees report  and by-law amendments are heard. GPNJ’s newly formed YES-Young Ecosocialists Caucus will announce the results of their officer elections at the convention. They welcome Margaret Kimberley as guest speaker. Margaret Kimberley is the author of the recent book Prejudential: Black America And The Presidents. Craig Cayetano-Cayetano4council, one of the current state co-chairs, will be moderating the event live streamed in partnership with New Jersey Revolution Radio. Madelyn Hoffman-Hoffman For Senate will also speak about her campaign for NJ US Senate this fall. She is still seeking New Jersey registered voters that haven’t signed any other Senate candidate petition to sign online via this link.


The Convention overlaps with the 2020 Green Party Presidential Primary Nomination. Due to the Covid-19 crisis changes in procedures had to be made. GPNJ moved the process to select their presidential candidate to an online ballot request as well. Ballots were emailed to registered and dues paying Greens this past Wednesday and can be submitted until May 5th 2020 at 11:59pm. If you are a registered or dues paying member and haven’t received your ballot you must follow the link through the Convention page on the main website. This link includes the convention agenda, Presidential candidate videos and the steps to sign up to request the ballot.


The Green Party of New Jersey had over 11,214 registered Greens as of March 1st, 2020 and will continue to grow with your support and participation! You can still complete a NJ Party Affiliation Form and email it to the GPNJ Elections Chair if you wish to participate and request a Presidential Candidate Ballot. The email to send these forms back to us securely is at  [email protected]. Please reach out to us at our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with any questions.

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Hawthorne Residents Cayetano and Arias Establish "Mutual Passaic County" Aid Group, Seek Donations

Credits: Craig Cayetano
Credits: Craig Cayetano
Credits: Craig Cayetano
HAWTHORNE, NJ - Hawthorne resident Craig Cayetano was helping friends in neighboring Paterson with a group called "North Jersey Mutual Aid" delivering food to those in need and personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers battling around the clock against COVID 19.  From there, he was inspired to team up with Viviana Arias and take it a step further.  They established "Mutual Aid Passaic County" taking a cue from models in place in Morris and Union.

"A few other areas were starting to take off," Cayetano told TAPinto Hawthorne, "and I decided to start off the Passaic County one.  When you start these off you don’t know where it’s going to go, so I made mine pretty broad.  I was collecting and dropping off PPE, making phone calls for people who need to talk, and the big thing is trying to get goods and meals to people.  I was helping my friend in Paterson deliver meals to people for a few weeks—I’m still helping there—and I had another friend need help with driving and dropping off face shields."

Cayetano said that PPE was being made out of Montclair State and distributed to where it was needed.  "They literally started a little factory and distribution place, then they moved to another facility, and they’re making face shields to drop off to all the hospitals and healthcare professionals.  They need people to do the runs, because they can’t do everything, so I said I’d be happy to deliver.  I’ve been delivering face shields all over, now I’m starting to do the grocery deliveries.  I started that with my own money to get it started, since people don’t donate blindly, but I started visiting a few families in Paterson and Passaic."

Cayetano described Sunday night as "a big one".  "Viviana had told me she was going to get baskets together and during the day we had a family in Hawthorne leave out donations of food, toilet paper, and paper towels.  Sunday we went to four families in Hawthorne, one in Haledon, one in Paterson, and four other families in Passaic.  So we delivered to ten families between the two of us."

To connect, Cayetano said that those looking to volunteer, donate, or those who are in need can reach out through their Facebook page.  "I have my phone number there," Cayetano said.  "Some people have volunteered to do drop offs, which is nice, but we really need physical donations of items like toilet paper, paper towels, and basic essential foods.  Or [monetary] donations so we can go buy the food.  We’re trying to work with local grocery stores that are willing to cut us a bit of a discount, smaller stores or bigger stores, to make this as affordable as possible."

"Everyone wants to take care of their own, but one hand washes the other," Cayetano said.  "One day we might do more deliveries in Passaic, but the next day we do Hawthorne or Haledon, it’s all going to work itself out.  We are using our personal money as best we can but we definitely need donations as well."

To help towards this end, they set up a GoFundMe page presently set with what Cayetano called "a modest goal" hoping that it can be met.  He said that every county's Mutual Aid group is different, and stressed that the Hawthorne-based Mutual Passaic County was hoping to get physical donations to help out the local communities as best as possible.  "We don’t know how long we’ll be in this.  It might be two weeks, a month, but there are people who are going to need help weekly."

"One lady said that this year they cut food stamps," Cayetano said, "so everyone’s allotment dropped.  So, now they’re getting less."  When asked how much of a decrease was in place, he said, "The drop depends per person.  About ten to twenty dollars per person, which doesn’t seem like a lot but it is a lot for those people, so they’re trying to stretch a dollar every which way.  There might be some products that we can’t grab but if someone has disinfectant or baby wipes.  I had one family that needed diapers.  We’re getting requests for all sorts of stuff.  We might need volunteers to drop off things but most importantly right now are donations of goods to try to help."

Mutual Passaic County can be found on Facebook here.

Mutual Passaic County's GoFundMe page can be found by clicking here.

Nuestra Comunidad Latina nos puede contactar al 973-433-6696 or nos puede enviar un correo electrónico a [email protected] o a nuestra página de Facebook “Mutual Passaic County."


Governor Murphy: Extend Democracy To The Green, Libertarian, Socialist Parties and All Independent Candidates During This Crisis

Governor Murphy: Extend Democracy To The
Green, Libertarian, Socialist Parties and
All Independent Candidates
During This Crisis
For Immediate Release For Immediate Release
April 7th, 2020
The Covid-19 crisis continues to unravel and put a heavy strain on our society, critical medical care system and overall resources. On March 19th, Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 105, allowing for Democratic and Republican Parties to submit their petitions online, in addition to in person, and the Secretary of State to create an online form that allows voters to submit their signatures on petitions electronically.
The Green Party is a political party seeking ballot access for races this November. We are facing the same dilemmas the two mainstream parties faced recently with regards to collecting ballot petitions and signatures. We have two candidates Madelyn Hoffman- Hoffman For Senate and Craig Cayetano- Cayetano4council Hawthorne Ward 3 that are campaigning for the general election on November 2nd, and will be petitioning for our presidential candidate.
We have reached out to and have support from the Libertarian Party of NJ, the Socialist Party of New Jersey, the Green Party US Steering Committee and even Democratic Party candidates running this year. We have drafted a letter to send to Governor Murphy and NJ Secretary of State Tahesha Way Esq. In fairness, we request the same rule changes afforded to the two major political parties to protect the health and safety of petition gatherers and petition signers be applied to all independent candidates running for political office in 2020. We ask that this be announced now:
Set up for independent candidates the same protocol for filing electronically that was established for the Democrats and Republicans for the rest of the campaigns that will take place this year, including the presidential race.
Craig Cayetano, State Co-Chair said, “This battle isn’t just in New Jersey. Greens across the country are facing a stone-wall on this critical issue. We want equal and fair consideration for all parties and Independents especially during this pandemic. We have to work 2-3 times as hard to get signatures and are losing out on our main pathway which is door-to-door. For the safety of our signature gatherers, candidates and the populace I hope each state, especially New Jersey comes around on this immediately!”
Madelyn Hoffman, NJ Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020 who garnered 25,150 votes in 2018 and came in third in that U.S. Senate race added, “All too often, those outside the two mainstream political parties get treated like second-class citizens when it comes to applying principles of democracy. I urge Governor Murphy to address the issue of independent political parties in the same way he addressed the difficulties and obstacles faced by Democrats and Republicans during these uncertain and potentially dangerous times. It is impossible for the Greens to safely gather the signatures needed to be placed on the ballot, either by going door-to-door or at large events or gatherings.We had to shut down that part of our campaign weeks ago. For our health and the health of people who would sign our petition, and to allow us to compete on at least a somewhat level playing field, we ask that you do the right and the fair thing — allow all independent candidates to file their signatures electronically.”

Cayetano For Council Thanks Volunteers, Voters and Hawthorne For Their Support!

6.jpg 2.jpg
Credits: Craig Cayetano
5.jpg 3.jpg  
Credits: Craig Cayetano
4.jpg   1.jpg 
Credits: Craig Cayetano
I want to thank all of our volunteers, Ward 3 voters, local businesses and the people of Hawthorne for their support of our campaign! As an Independent Green Party candidate, I knew we would face challenges and have to work to overcome objections. We ran a clean-transparent campaign, open to communication on every platform: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram; conveyed a positive message; made a full-fledged website; designed descriptive materials and crafted a platform that could be embraced by everyone: the “Green Vision & Future” plan is a truly Tri-Partisan one! I knew that our Ward needed more voices and choices since the race last term was unopposed. So since day one, this has been a three way race!

We focused our attention on local small businesses by hosting fun and engaging events, from our Tag N’ Sip at Strange Moon Creative Shop-Rebel Child Designs to raise awareness on environmental issues, to our Voter Registration Drive with the Passaic County Greens at Billy’s Midway. Many local businesses posted our flyer to register to vote in a new and fun way. Our town is a gem, so I must also thank some of our fine dining establishments that helped feed our supporters: Fat Moe’s, El Gallo and Andy’s Corner. Tom and the staff at Andy’s Corner were very cordial and patient with our team as we hosted our weekend recap Breakfast Meetings on Sundays and our Coffee With Craig: Q&A there last week. I, like everyone else in town, am saddened by its sudden closure. 

We collaborated with the Passaic County Greens and Strange Moon Creative Shop-Rebel Child Designs to host a donation drive for those displaced by the fire at Straight and Narrow in Paterson. I publicly commented to thank Mayor Goldberg, the administration, council and the Municipal Alliance Committee for getting involved and collecting items, as well. 

Thanks to the media: InsiderNJ featured our statement Cayetano For Council Announces 1700+ Doors Touched in Ward 3 & Campaign Endorsements! Video endorsements on Facebook had an amazing impact.  They showcased current elected officials, former candidates, candidates this year and of course Hawthorne Ward 3 residents! Thanks also go to TAPinto Hawthorne, The Gazette and Hawthorne Press for their coverage of our campaign.

As our campaign went door to door and to businesses we heard people’s concerns and understood that there might be a long road ahead in making the town aware of the importance of our campaign. As an Independent Green Party candidate, we are automatically the underdog. I planned to visit the whole Ward at least once and in some cases, 2-3 trips back to talk to constituents who were still evaluating us. The hurdle was trying to convince them to believe in our message and then come out to vote. I think we succeeded, since they started to see that this was a Tri-Partisan race and that any one of us could win.

As I mentioned earlier, Independent candidates have to work 2-3 times harder to earn these voters' trust and respect. We also have to work hard to move people to look down the ballot since the main parties always fight for the top “A or B Row” by filling in their lines. This automatically equates to extra votes. Our team worked extra hard to point out our ballot location with messaging and visuals to “Vote Row C for Craig.”

I’m proud of the message, communication, vision and platform in our campaign. That’s what led many Independents, Republicans and Democrats to support us. Naturally, I made mistakes, which I’m happy to admit. It was a learning experience. I honestly feel we all have lessons to learn from the low 26.02% turnout for the next election. 

One way is to work toward adopting Ranked Choice Voting here in New Jersey. We currently have two bills in the state assembly, A1801 and A5205. One addresses local races and the other the larger gubernatorial, congressional, senatorial and presidential ones. This voting technique would eliminate the “spoiler argument” since voters would rank all the candidates that appear on the ballot instead of picking just one. Maine has led the charge to adopting this, increasing voter turnout and support, as have a lot of cities across the country. Other states are working to adopt RCV in the next 1-2 years. NYC just passed it for their citywide primary races on November 5th. It actually saves cities and states money. It acts as its own runoff election and allows people that felt disenfranchised to come back to the political process. They can vote for a candidate they align ideally with first, then their backup second and maybe the one they dislike third. Candidates are knocked out round by round until there is a 50+1 majority in a single seat race or a 33+1 majority in a dual seat race like the state assembly. It’s something I am personally working on here in New Jersey. I’ll happily share more about this in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, I congratulate Gary Sinning and wish him the best this term. I’m offering him my time, knowledge and perspective to work with him, the administration and incoming council, not only as a member of Hawthorne’s Green Team, but as a regular citizen, to try and address some of the concerns we all have in Ward 3 and Hawthorne. When I announced my candidacy, I promised to be an advocate for everyone. Just because the outcome wasn’t what I had hoped it would be,  it won’t dissuade me from trying to improve our community. I’m blessed to have had 171 people show their faith in me by voting for and supporting us. I wanted this to be a serious campaign, fun and engaging. I’ve made many friends this year, which I’m proud of and will work to show them why their vote was worthwhile and that we still won! Thank You, All!

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer. Click here to submit a Letter to the Editor.


Hawthorne Decides: 2019 Council Elections Overview

Hawthorne Decides: 2019 Council Elections Overview
Credits: File Photo

HAWTHORNE, NJ - Pollsters and political scientists expect a low overall turn-out for the 2019 elections, given it is neither a national mid-term nor presidential election, but nevertheless, the elections on a local level will make very tangible impacts on the communities they serve.  In Hawthorne, a spirited race has been in full swing and voters will finally make their decision Tuesday.

When Republican Councilman John Bertollo (Ward 2) announced he would not seek re-election, a race was sparked for his successor.  Rayna Laoisa, who serves on the Hawthorne Environmental Commission, was the winner for the Republican nomination, initially challenged by Phil Speulda.

The Democratic ticket in Ward 2 presented one of the more unusual races in town, when Thomas Bushnauskas defeated the Hawthorne Democratic Organization-backed candidate by three votes in the primary.  Bushnauskas has run his own campaign, independently of the support of the local party, which is running incumbent Councilman Joseph Wojetcki (Ward 1), Kimberly Maciejewski (Ward 3), and Jennifer D'Angelo (Ward 4) against the Team Goldberg ticket.

Team Goldberg, which has outspent the Democrats by $8,415 according to the latest campaign finance report, is running JoAnn Fitzsimmons (Ward 1), Councilman Garrett Sinning (Ward 3), and Council President Frank Matthews (Ward 4).  Laoisa and Sinning both faced primary challenges, the Ward 3 race being contested by Carey Cornett, Jr., until his withdrawal from the race almost immediately after filing.

Ward 3 is a battleground of particular interest as it is the only ward to give voters three choices instead of two.  Craig Cayetano of the Green Party has been running his own campaign, squaring off against an incumbent Republican as well as a Democrat challenger.

On Tuesday, the polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Voters unsure of where to go can click here to find their polling location.


Cayetano For Council Announces 1,700+ Doors Touched in Ward 3 & Campaign Endorsements!



Mission accomplished! The Cayetano For Council Campaign led a weekend full of activity in Ward 3. They held a Coffee With Craig Q&A at Andy’s Corner on Saturday morning then spent much of the day with volunteers canvassing throughout Ward 3. On Sunday, they finished their goal of going back into Ward 3 one more time and touching over 1,700+ doors!


Craig Cayetano said “I’m so proud of our volunteers! Our message is being embraced in town and our Green Vision & Future plan is being received by all Hawthorne residents, not just those in Ward 3. Our volunteers have been a mix of people across political lines, Independents and of course our local Hawthorne residents, not paid canvassers. This is what grassroots democracy looks like and people power is what has propelled this campaign. With a win on Tuesday I look forward to working with the current administration and the incoming council!”


In these last two days the campaign will continue its work to get out the vote. Communication has always been key with the campaign and they are making time to be accessible in person or via social media. This builds upon Craig Cayetano’s principles of being locally involved, in the Hawthorne Green Team and especially by attending town council meetings. They have had a full website:, Facebook page: Cayetano4Council, Twitter: Green4Ward3 and Instagram: Cayetano4Council since their original campaign announcement.


As an Independent Green Party candidate for Hawthorne Ward 3, it can be hard to get traditional, organizational or party backed endorsements. This makes the campaign most appreciative of the Green Party US LatinX Caucus endorsement along with Green Party NJ & US support this year. Also, the Good Government Coalition Of New Jersey (GGCNJ) showed support online, ranking the campaign with three badges!


This is a link to their ranking of the campaign.


They have received multiple personal endorsements of support for their campaign, as posts or videos on Facebook, from former candidates for political office in New Jersey across party lines, current office holders, those currently running for office and Hawthorne residents.


Elisabeth Dello Buono, Hawthorne Ward 3 resident was quoted saying, “Acting local and thinking global is a critical part of our future. Not only does Craig have the best interest of everyone on a societal level he’s also fighting for better environmental conditions on a realistic local scale. We can’t afford to wait. Change begins with us now.  Leaders like Craig have to be our future.”


The Campaign wants the focus to be on the issues and concerns for those in Ward 3. Every voice matters to them…As advocates for Hawthorne, the campaign seeks to connect the community and work towards the future every resident deserves! Vote “Person Over Party” on November 5th. Vote Row C for Craig in Ward 3! The campaign thanks you! 

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Hawthorne Council Races: A Campaign Finance Snapshot

Hawthorne Council Races: A Campaign Finance Snapshot
Credits: File Photo

HAWTHORNE, NJ - As Election Day draws nearer--that's Tuesday, November 5--TAPinto Hawthorne offers this glimpse at the campaigns in town from a financial perspective.  The information below was obtained through the 29-day filing reports, which indicate the reported activities up to early October.  There is another filing date for campaign committees which the campaigns should have submitted their information to with the most recent activity that will be reported on later.

The Hawthorne Republican slate, consisting of JoAnn Fitzsimmons (Ward 1), Rayna Laiosa (Ward 2), Garrett Sinning (Ward 3), and Frank Matthews (Ward 4), began the campaign with $10,000, the total of which was contributed by Mayor Richard Goldberg's campaign account. According to the 29-day report, the candidates spent around $9,500: $4,500 on regular lawn signs, $3,300 on large signs, and $1,500 on campaign literature. As of October 7, when ELEC received their report, the committee had $585 cash-on-hand remaining.

Mayor Goldberg, who is not on the ballot this year, has over $17,000 cash-on-hand in his own re-election campaign account towards his next campaign, should he pursue re-election in 2021, as of his latest September filing.  That figure doesn't yet include the $10,000 contribution to the Republican council slate.

The Hawthorne Democratic Organization-backed council slate, which excludes the Ward 2 Democrat candidate, consisting of Joseph Wojtecki (Ward 1), Kimberly Maciejewski (Ward 3), and Jennifer D'Angelo (Ward 4), has raised slightly over $7,000, with $5,000 coming from the Hawthorne Democratic Organization.  The committee's biggest expenditure, according to the 29-day pre-report, is $1,100 for tote bags and promotional items, and spent a total of slightly over $2,700. As of October 9, when ELEC received their filing, the four-candidate committee has $4,338 cash-on-hand.

The Hawthorne Democratic Organization started the year with nearly $6,000, and currently has $673 cash-on-hand, after contributing $5,000 to the candidate committee and several other expenditures and contributions, according to the latest report filed in October.  The Hawthorne Republican County Committee began the year with $1,866 and currently has cash-on-hand of $1,766, according to the latest report filed in back in July. 


A Fair and Welcoming Hawthorne

Craig Cayetano 1.jpg
Craig Cayetano Credits: Craig Cayetano

I am appalled that Hawthorne might have a “completely repugnant and backward unofficial policy” as Kimberly Maciejewski mentioned in her letter to the editor, towards handling marriage requests. Hawthorne must be a welcoming community to all that already live here and those considering to settle down in our town. The Green Party platform has fought for the rights of everyone and for inclusiveness since state Green Parties started organizing in the mid 1980s. As a Green, I support civil rights for all LGBTQIA people. I want a truly stigma-free Hawthorne for everyone. 

Our last gubernatorial candidate, Seth Kaper-Dale, was one of the first pastors to perform LGBT ceremonies in this state. I was proud to volunteer, campaign for and call him a friend. While this issue needs to be discussed further, I do think that for the last weeks of the campaign, we as citizens, need to focus on who has the best platform and policy for Ward 3 and the town as a whole. We need someone to build bridges within the community. I’m proud of the work done on the Hawthorne Green Team and know I can continue this work on a larger scale to benefit all of us. 

As a Green, I believe in our approach. As we go door to door we see support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents this election. I am listening to people and business owners. I am willing to dedicate the time needed to pursue a bold vision and plan for Hawthorne. Will we have the same level of commitment by staying with the status quo? 

I, as perhaps many in town, were unaware and only recently learned that the mayor has elected to not perform civil ceremonies for marriages. I feel strongly that the issue should be brought up at a town council meeting and made a part of the public comment.

As a Green, an advocate and activist for the people, I’ve been at numerous council meetings across the state for various other issues. I would be happy to bring this issue up to the mayor directly at the next council meeting, win or lose, on November 5th and have it addressed publicly. There needs to be a formal response and Mayor Goldberg, who is not personally on the ballot this November, should be afforded the opportunity to formally respond. 

5. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

In keeping with the Green Key Values of diversity, social justice and feminism, we support full legal and political equality for all persons regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, characteristics, and expression.

The Green Party recognizes the full civil rights of sexual and gender minorities. The existing civil rights act prohibits discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, and disability. We will work to add sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to the existing civil rights act…

Link to full Social Justice Key Value:

Thank you all!


Craig Cayetano – “I Have Bold Ideas & Offer a Clear Vision for the Future of Hawthorne,” Said Green Party Candidate for Council in Hawthorne Ward 3 


Craig Cayetano – “I Have Bold Ideas & Offer a Clear Vision for the Future of Hawthorne,”Said Green Party Candidate for Council in Hawthorne Ward 3



October 10th, 2019


My name is Craig Cayetano and I am running for Town Council in Hawthorne’s Ward 3 to be an advocate for everyone. I’m a lifelong Northern New Jersey resident. I grew up in Bergenfield, but reside in Hawthorne for over 15 years now. I’m second generation Peruvian on my father’s side and Italian/German descent on my mother’s. Both my mother and grandmother were hardworking waitresses; living paycheck to paycheck.


For that reason, I have always believed in, and worked for, fairness and inclusion of all people and political parties in the United States. I study all sides of the political spectrum to develop a common sense or “real world” approach to issues. I have seen the control, influence and harm the two-party system has inflicted on the electoral process. I respect and understand those who still vote in every election, but remain Independent or Unaffiliated. Working on a variety of campaigns in New Jersey over the last few years, I was able to converse about the day-to-day issues that matter most to people. I believe in and strive to build the Green Party because it is focused on the concerns of the community, environment, small local businesses, and labor and not beholden to any corporate interests or donors. I’m now one of our state’s National Delegates and also a State Co-Chair. I try to lead by example and have been a listener, activist, and organizer. I will be a strong advocate for the people here in Ward 3 and for all of Hawthorne.


I have been a proud member of the Hawthorne Green Team for the past year. We have done wonderful work introducing styrofoam collection drives, showcasing electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles at our events and bringing EV charging station infrastructure conversations to the forefront.


Yet, there is even more that needs to be done. That is why I decided to step up and run a campaign that encompasses numerous bold ideas & offers a clear vision for the future of Hawthorne.


I am making this a fun and informative campaign from our Tag N’ Sip: environmental themed art with the support of Strange Moon Creative Shop and Fat Moe’s, and our Voter Registration Drive/Meet & Greet at Billy’s Midway with El Gallo. I’m hosting weekly recap meetings and breakfast at Andy’s Corner on Sundays. I have had a fully active and engaging campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a full-fledged website since May.


I’m proud of the connections made with our local small businesses, the townspeople and the Board of Education (BOE). I’ve been the only candidate in Ward 3 that fully supported the referendum on social media and door to door since early this year. I believe that there needs to be a strong bond between the BOE and Town Council. I also advocate for a stronger bond with the BOE and the Environmental Commission in regards to the Sustainable Jersey Schools program. You will see this in greater detail in my full “Green Vision & Future For Hawthorne” platform.


Today is the public release of my platform online which is formulated under these main values, central to the Green Party vision: Grassroots Democracy, Ecological Wisdom, Community Based Economics and Future Focus & Sustainability. I’m committed to bringing bold and original ideas to Hawthorne that can be accomplished. Here is the link to this “Green Vision & Future” plan.


For the few that are long term, I’m here to fight and get them started. As I knock on doors and see how people love our campaign message, it really makes me proud when they say, “We’ll be voting for the person, not the party on November 5th.” Can we turn Hawthorne Green? I know we can with your support and vote! Thank you!

Cayetano For Council, Hawthorne Ward 3 Gaining Momentum: Hawthorne Day, Gaming With The Greens, Green Wave Telethon & Canvassing!

Credits: Cayetano for Council
Credits: Cayetano for Council
Credits: Cayetano for Council
Credits: Cayetano for Council
Credits: Cayetano for Council
Credits: Cayetano for Council
Credits: Cayetano for Council

The weather was perfect for a full day of talking to constituents during Hawthorne Day on September 22nd. Craig Cayetano said “it was great to connect with people across the town at this massive event. Our message was well received.”

A few days later on September 27th, Cayetano and the Passaic County Greens held its fun, free and nostalgic event: “Gaming With The Greens.” This was part of a voter registration drive, plus a Meet & Greet with free gaming at Billy’s Midway at 312 Lafayette Ave, in Hawthorne NJ. Attendees were treated to empanadas, a taco station and light refreshments courtesy of El Gallo. Cayetano unveiled his “Green Vision & Future for Hawthorne” platform to propel Hawthorne ahead for the next decade. It’s a bold vision which will be published for media on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party 2020 Senate Candidate and Cayetano’s Campaign Manager said, “These events have been ways for Hawthorne residents to meet this dynamic candidate, who’s running with a political party that’s gaining popularity throughout the world. Greens are concerned about global climate change, ecological sustainability, commitment to local businesses and an economy based on peace, not war.”

On Thursday night, October 3rd, Craig Cayetano will discuss elements of his platform with a national audience via Green Party US’s 2nd Annual Green Wave Telethon. The Telethon will raise awareness and money for Green Party candidates across the country. “We are proud to be invited to appear on the Green Party US Facebook page for this livestream!” said Ward 3 Candidate Cayetano. The livestream event will take place on Facebook from 9pm to 10pm EST. You can login at this link on Thursday night.

Finally, the campaign will continue its “Breakfast & Canvassing” each Sunday at 10am until election day, meeting first at Andy’s Corner on 438 Lafayette Ave, in Hawthorne. “The campaign’s goal is to knock on over 700 doors in Ward 3,” said manager Hoffman.“Canvassing is the best way to find out what Hawthorne residents really want and Craig has been listening. Lawn signs are on the way and volunteers are always welcomed! I urge you to become part of this community-building effort!”




Gaming With The Greens & Craig Cayetano for Council: Hawthorne Voter Registration Drive/Meet&Greet


Gaming With The Greens & Craig Cayetano for Council: Hawthorne Voter Registration Drive/Meet&Greet

September 27th, 2019



September 13th 2019



The Cayetano For Council Campaign For Ward 3 Hawthorne along with The Green Party of Passaic County have been working with local small businesses to help increase their visibility in our community.


This is the next big event for the campaign, which is collaborating with Billy’s Midway Arcade, 312 Lafayette Ave in Hawthorne, New Jersey. A Voter Registration Drive for those newly of age, those that aren’t aware if they are registered and a campaign meet & greet for the rest. The event is scheduled for Friday, September 27th, 7pm until 9pm. It offers Hawthorne residents a chance to have a unique, fun and free night out.


Craig Cayetano said, “This is a golden opportunity to have conversations about important local issues, to register new voters and partake in this awesome arcade for up to two hours!” There will be light food and refreshments provided by another prominent local business, El Gallo, for those who attend.


This evening promises to be a lot of fun and give attendees more information on whom to support in the November election. Cayetano: “I’m in this campaign to be an advocate for everyone. I value grassroots democracy and want to show our youth the importance of registering to vote. They can have a say in electing candidates on a local level committed to protecting the environment, not beholden to corporate or special interests and willing to work towards creating sustainable infrastructure.”


Tickets are free and going fast due to occupancy limits. Donations will be kindly accepted at the door. You must pre-register online with Eventbrite or Facebook below. Up to one set per person. October 15th is the last day to register in New Jersey for Election Day on November 5th.

2019 Green Wave Telethon



Zero Hour in Bergen: The Rutherford Labor Day Street Festival


Rutherford Labor Day Festival

The Rutherford Labor Day Street Festival has been a tradition drawing in tens of thousands of visitors for some time now, and anyone who wants to make some face time does well to make an appearance there—even in the midst of intermittent rainstorms, as was the case Monday.  Enter, then, some of Bergen’s political and would-be political figures.

Democrat Frank Nunziato
Democrat Frank Nunziato, a councilman seeking to succeed outgoing Mayor Joseph DeSalvo, Jr.

Outside his campaign headquarters was a booth for Democrat Frank Nunziato, a councilman seeking to succeed outgoing Mayor Joseph DeSalvo, Jr.  Nunziato defeated Murphy-ally Stephanie McGowan and is running on a ticket with incumbent Councilmen Mark Goldsack and Thomas Mullahey.  Democratic campaigners marched with signs for Nunziato’s team along with incumbent Assemblymen Clinton Calabrese and Gary Schaer; plus Freeholders Germaine Ortiz, Thomas Sullivan, and Mary Amoroso.  The political representation extended to the federal level as well: Congressman Bill Pascrell and Congressman Josh Gottheimer made appearances and Bernie Sanders campaigners had set up a booth.  The Green Party of New Jersey was represented as well with Madelyn Hoffman—challenging Cory Booker for US Senate—and Craig Cayetano of Hawthorne (in Passaic), seeking his town’s 3rd ward council seat.

Schaer and Calabrese troops.

Schaer and Calabrese troops.

But heavily represented though it was, the political left was not the only show in town. Republicans Khaldoun Androwis and Foster Lowe ducked out of the rain to talk a moment while red signs were carried for Rutherford council candidates Ryan Weist, State Committeeman of the Bergen County Young Republicans, and businesswoman Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson.

Rutherford Labor Day Festival

Lowe is a property managing agent who ran for Assemblyman in district 36 with Rosina Romano against Democratic incumbents Gary Schaer and Marlene Caride in 2013. He was on the streets with financial executive and Wallington councilman Khaldoun Androwis in his second term.  Androwis and Lowe face a tough challenge against the incumbents.  Androwis cited Murphy’s troubles.  “I think for us we have some problems with Murphy and the EDA, Schools Development.  He stated he wants to make New Jersey a sanctuary state, we aren’t too pleased.  Taxes are always an issue.”  Lowe believes that to reduce the tax burden, an unpopular but-oft-cited option may have to be considered: shared services.  “I’m a home rule guy, but we may have to do something in the future.  Property taxes are out of control.  I think that’s what may have to be done.  People love their towns, we all do, but one of these days we may have to back off.”

Governor Phil Murphy championed adult-use marijuana, meeting with no success in the legislature.  Androwis and Lowe are only half-convinced.  “I don’t think we need recreational,” Androwis said, explaining that he made a motion to pass an ordinance in Wallington that no marijuana businesses could open in the borough if legalized statewide.  On medical, the two have no problem, but recreational, they say, presents a danger.

Foster said it had been years since LD36 had a Republican seat but the challengers were not daunted.  Paul DiGaetano was the last man to have a red Assembly seat, back in 2005, sharing the assembly slot with Democrat Frederick Scalera.  “I don’t vote by party line,” Androwis said, “I vote for what is best.”  He even had some kind words for Pascrell, saying he is “a good guy” but declined to say he would go so far as to vote for him.  “People gave us a chance to make sure we can do something better and more efficient for the district.  You need some new blood in there, some new ideas.”

Hoffman was another challenger on the ground in rainy Rutherford, fielding a third party campaign


against US Senator Cory Booker who is also seeking the Oval Office.   “I got 25,000 votes last time, the most of any third party candidate.  Booker and Menendez both have specific issues, they’re not the same, but the broader national issues are the same,” she said.  “Booker has water issues with lead contamination, with education, pharma…”

On Bernie next door, “It’s not competition, they’re going for Bernie in the primaries, then after that, all bets are off.  Some of them are Greens.”

“A lot of third parties are going to be under a lot of pressure to step aside, there’s a sentiment that ‘any blue will do’, I ran into that last time when I ran for US senate, but it’s going to be stronger this time.  My answer is that I can’t do that, I can’t do that in good conscience.  If we get Joe Biden, what have we changed?  It’s kind of scary that people are willing to accept ‘any Democrat’.”

Next to Hoffman’s booth was a stand for Bernie Sanders where campaigners were handing out literature.  “I can understand where Bernie Sanders offers, at least in rhetoric, something different,” Hoffman said, “but in reality will the Democrats ever give us something different?  We keep moving to the right—it’s the Green Party last year that got Democrats talking about a Green New Deal, one of the first issues they took up—they watered it down, but they were talking about it.  That’s why I feel the Greens are as important as ever.  In a democracy there should always be room for a third party and let the voters decide.”

Hoffman has been involved with the Green Party for over two decades.  She ran with Ralph Nader in 1996 as his vice presidential running mate and ran for NJ governor in 1997.  “‘If you keep voting for the lesser of two evils’,” she said, quoting Nader, “‘you keep getting evil and it keeps getting lesser and lesser’.  Case in point, Donald Trump.  That model has failed.  That’s why I feel it’s important to continue to run.  People can say what they like but we can’t step aside.  On the presidential election, I’m going to vote Green, even if Bernie Sanders wins.”

While Hoffman aspires to the US Senate, the borough of Hawthorne is the Green Party’s local-level battleground right now, with Craig Cayetano challenging Republican long-time incumbent Gary Sinning, the 3rd ward councilman.

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Passaic County Green Party & Strange Moon Creative Shop in Hawthorne Call for Donations Paterson Fire Victims


It was devastating to see the fire at the Straight and Narrow in Paterson, New Jersey, on Saturday, August 23 but relieved to learn that there were no casualties. Straight and Narrow has been a vital asset to this community for more than 50 years. The building was most recently home to 50 men who graduated from drug and alcohol recovery programs, transitioning back into society. They lost their personal belongings and have been permanently displaced. About 200 residents are affected by power outages due to the fire. The Passaic County Greens, together with Strange Moon Creative Shop, are calling on our local community to help with donations. A partner agency, Oasis- A Haven for Women and Children, 59 Mill Street, Paterson, posted on Facebook needed items: already worn men’s clothing, shoes, sneakers, socks, new underwear, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, razors, shave gel and other toiletries. 

Craig Cayetano, Green Party of NJ State Co-Chair and Green Party candidate for Hawthorne Town Council Ward 3 said, “I was alerted to the fire by other activist allies in Paterson and then saw the damage on the news. Sam Nygard and Dan Frye of Strange Moon Creative Shop reached out to me to collaborate in receiving donations. We are aware that people may not be able to make it to Paterson during posted drop off times so Strange Moon Creative Shop has offered to accept donations this week. We will then get them to Oasis in Paterson the following day. We have all had someone close to us: a friend, family member or someone we love that have battled with addiction. This is the least we can do to help those trying to restart their lives.”

If you are able to help Strange Moon Creative Shop is located at 728 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne NJ 07506. Their hours are Monday through Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. We thank you in advance for your assistance!

Cayetano For Council Collaborates With Local Businesses For Educational, Creative and Fun Campaign Event


Green 4.jpg

On August 16th, Craig Cayetano, Green Party Candidate for Hawthorne Town Council Ward 3, co-hosted a campaign event with Strange Moon Creative Shop. “Tag The Town Green” welcomed townsfolk, friends, supporters, Cayetano’s team and the Passaic County Green Party to experience a wonderful artistic space in Hawthorne, NJ. The environmentally themed event was a way to introduce people to certain issues going on locally and nationally today: Fighting for Peace, Utilizing Ecological Wisdom and Mandating Water Protection.

Through three artistic designs created by artist and owner Samuel Nygard, patrons were able to paint and tag them in their own creative way. Social media was used to unveil two of the designs before the event. The third, “Water is Life,” was revealed to participants upon arrival. This activity created awareness and engaged conversations. 

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Samuel Nygard, owner said, “Small businesses in this town definitely suffer from a lack of support. It was a breath of fresh air to collaborate with Craig on the event. Great to see all of the fresh ideas, as well as community involvement.” 

Though this was the first public event of Craig Cayetano’s campaign, he has been active in the community, attending numerous events and going door-to-door. Focusing on the value of small business, improving infrastructure, preserving the environment and grassroots democracy, Craig refuses to take any corporate, developer or fossil fuel industry money. 

“As an advocate for those in Ward 3 and Hawthorne, I am proud to support an artistic space like Strange Moon Creative Shop. I have mentioned on social media how our community can grow and appeal to people in other ways than our neighboring towns. As a Green Party candidate independent of the major parties, I can create bridges in the community and can work objectively. My sole focus is to elevate the voices that may not ordinarily be heard. I would like to acknowledge Fat Moe’s, another local business, for the variety of delicious food provided for our guests.”

The campaign is planning another event shortly and is asking those in our community to reach out with your top concerns or issues not only in Ward 3, but in the town as well.

Facebook: Cayetano4council

Instagram: @cayetano4council

Twitter: @Green4Ward3 

Website: www.cayetano4council

Photographs courtesy of Craig Cayetano (photo of Strange Moon Creative Shop and participants holding completed pictures) and Brian Johnson (@mrbrianphotography on Instagram) photo of Barry Bendar, new Treasurer-elect of GPNJ and Sam Nygard explaining the process of creating a completed picture

Meet Craig Cayetano, Green Candidate for Hawthorne Council Ward 3 at Strange Moon Creative Shop’s Tag N’ Sip: The Town Green


Strange Moon Creative Shop is hosting their second Tag N’ Sip Night this time with an environmental-themed event. Located at 728 Lafayette Avenue in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

They are collaborating with The Passaic County Greens and the Cayetano For Council campaign for this fundraiser, scheduled on Friday, August 16th, from 8 pm until 10:30 pm.  

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“This isn’t your ordinary Paint and Sip,” said Samuel Nygard, artist, and owner. “You’ll have 3 designs to choose from two which will be displayed on social media over the next week and one surprise one at the event.”

This is the first public event of Craig Cayetano’s campaign for the Hawthorne Town Council Ward 3 race. “I’m so glad we have a creative space and amazing venue like Strange Moon Creative Shop here in town. I’ve been speaking about how our community needs to embrace and support their local small businesses. Hawthorne can appeal to people in many different ways if we open ourselves to it. Come on out, make a painting, sip adult beverages and meet the candidate!”

Admission is $20. Ages 21+ only, please. You can reserve your tickets online. 



Candidate Craig Cayetano Signs Pledge, Says "No Fossil Fuels Money" for Campaign


HAWTHORNE, NJ - Craig Cayetano has put down in writing that he and his campaign will refuse to accept any money from sources "whose primary business is the extraction, processing, distribution of sale of oil, gas and coal" according to a statement released Monday.  Cayetano is running as the Green Party candidate and is seeking to serve as Ward 3 Councilman in Hawthorne, running against incumbent Republican Gary Sinning and Democrat challenger Kimberly Maciejewski.

"I pledge to the people of Hawthorne that, as a Green Party candidate for Hawthorne Town Council, I will take no money from the fossil fuels industry," Cayetano said in a statement.  "The original pledge sets a limit of $200 per candidate who signs it, but I’ve gone further than that. I pledge to accept no money at all from the fossil fuels industry. Since I am independent of the two mainstream political parties, you can be confident that I will not compromise when it comes to protecting the environment. I will be beholden to no company with a special interest in making profits from the sale or use of fossil fuels, one of the primary contributors to global warming and climate change."

The Green Party is particularly concerned with environmental causes, and Cayetano's campaign asserted that the pledge represented his desire to protect future generations.  "I am inspired by youth locally and across this country taking action regarding the current climate chaos happening. We need to move Hawthorne, New Jersey and the U.S. away from its dependence on fossil fuels for energy use."

Cayetano made his announcement standing outside of Hawthorne High School, a video of which can been seen here.

Craig Cayetano Enters Race for Hawthorne Ward 3 Council as Green Party Candidate


HAWTHORNE, NJ - Hawthorne resident Craig Cayetano announced to TAPinto Hawthorne that he has filed at the Passaic County Administration Building to run as a Green Party candidate for the Ward 3 Council.  The statement reads below.

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to announce that I have filed to run for Hawthorne Town Council in Ward 3. I have been a resident of Hawthorne for almost 15 years. Last fall I decided to join the Hawthorne Green Team and help the town in any way possible. I’m very proud of my continued work there and proud of the work that the Environmental Commission has done as well. But I still feel compelled to do more for my ward and town. 

I decided to run as a Green Party Candidate, independent of the two main political parties and will focus on people, planet and peace over profit.

  • People - I want to hear from each person in my ward. There are many homeowners and renters with issues that feel they have no advocate for them. Our community is constantly evolving and we need to work together to forge relationships with each and every one of us.
  • Planet - I’ve been environmentally conscious since my teens and am constantly involved with county and state activism on the behalf of protecting the resources here in New Jersey. There are still areas of unresolved environmental impact in town that truly need to be addressed.
  • Peace - As a Green I will work to be a bridge between the other major parties. Greens can work with others objectively and can put “party” aside for the best of the community. My sole focus is to be an advocate for my ward and elevate the voices here that may not ordinarily be heard.
  • Over Profit - As a Green who is Independent of the other two parties I don’t have to “toe a party line”. I don’t have to waver on what I feel compelled to support. I also won’t be beholding to big corporate donors, developers or special interests.

I am grateful for the response I’ve had already from my community and look forward to doing my best to win this fall. I truly want to be an advocate for everyone. Thank-you all!

Madelyn Hoffman - Campaign Manager

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Craig Cayetano - @cayetano4council

Twitter: @cayetano4council

Instagram: @cayetano4council

Cayetano will face off against incumbent Councilman Garret Sinning and Democrat Kimberly Maciejewski in the November general election.

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