Ecological Wisdom


How will you use Ecological Wisdom Here in Hawthorne? 


As a Green, I Will Immediately...


  • Work to install solar on our municipal buildings: The Hawthorne Swimming Pool/Borough Bandshell, Library and Borough Hall. Installing solar allows municipalities to reduce their costly electric bills by producing their own electricity. Those savings can be re-invested elsewhere in municipal budgets. Municipalities have two choices Direct Ownership and Third-Party Ownership. Each has it's own set of benefits to weigh out. Here is a link to Solar Powered Purchase Agreements.


  • Work to create a new bike pathway to pass through safer streets in town. Too many residents have expressed the need for access throughout town away from Lafayette Ave. Phase 1: Mark out a clear and painted pathway to connect the municipal pool, train station, center of town, library, borough hall, middle school, high school and Goffle Brook Park. This will then be highlighted on the Borough's Green Map. 


  • In conjunction with the revised bike pathway we install proper bike corrals throughout keys areas of town. This will emphasize a way to use less automobiles to get around town, reduce traffic and emissions. You install in existing corded off spaces 6-12 corrals depending on the size of the space and highlight them on the Green Map. These key areas: the municipal pool, the corner of Washington Ave/Washington St outside the train station, Grand Ave/Diamond Bridge, Rea Ave/Lafayette Ave, the High School and the Middle School. 


  • Work to install electric charging stations and highlight their importance in the community. There are grants available from a few organizations in New Jersey that can range from $10,000-$30,000. This will be the backbone of expense and with multiple bids can keep initial installation costs down. By installing next to the library and the municipal pool you offer exposure and visitors to the town. These can drive business to the downtown district and down on Wagaraw Road. It puts the town on multiple maps and makes it a destination. We work with MVS USA on Goffle Road which already has stations to try to include them in our plan. This will spread out coverage and allow exposure across the whole borough. These will also be included in the Green Map.


  • Work to install solar powered garbage and recycling receptacles throughout outside key areas of town: Borough Hall, Library, municipal pool, Lafayette Ave/Rea Ave, Lafayette Ave/Diamond Bridge, Diamond Bridge/Grand Ave and others. These units can use solar energy to compact and can hold more rash than standard bins. They message the town when they are full and reduce in trash being blown around or being visible. These allow for a reduction of collection rates at approximately 80% which is less emissions in heavily trafficked areas by trucks. Our county has installed these Bigbelly units throughout Goffle Brook Park. Now it's Hawthorne's turn.


  • Stand behind offering more access to free water. We need to reduce the commoditization of water in our borough. By installing hydration or water bottle stations throughout town you eliminate the dependency on buying bottled water. This in turn reduces the plastic bottle waste. Install these inside and outside the municipal pool and library. Then, also inside the remaining municipal owned facilities, the Ambulance Corps and Firehouses. Then take our work with Sustainable Jersey to the Board of Education and get us enrolled in the Sustainable Jersey Schools program. They have grant money that can be used to provide these in the elementary schools and Lincoln Middle School since the High School already has them. We need to change the mindset and culture towards "reducing" more in anyway.