Future Focus & Sustainability

How Does Future Focus & Sustainability Propel Hawthorne?


As A Green, I Purpose..


  • A Bold "Five Corners Project" for us all. Ward 3 and Hawthorne has fought against other projects purposed for this site. My vision is to work with the county to buy back this property. Nobody wants any sort of business here in the residential area and parking is lacking at the end of the park. We utilize it for parking for Goffle Brook Park, repurpose the gas station structure as a Welcome Center for the county to share. The gas canopy can be repurposed with solar panels and turned into a sustaining charging station.




  • A Vision for the Brownfield: Pan Chemical Facility, lot and train station. This property needs to be remediated and cleaned up. This will take years to accomplish and requires pursuing the county, state and NJ Transit to become involved. This part of town is not only an eyesore but a hazard still left about all these years. This parcel could handle all the parking problems down in that part of Ward 2. The residents are tired of having their streets bogged down with cars constantly parking there. The land could also house a proper train station with shelter on both sides of the tracks for those trying to commute. 



  • A plan for the other Brownfield: Pyrolac Corp and the property at 204 Wagaraw Rd. The Pyrolac site also needs to be remediated properly and after doing so I would want to keep this as Green Space. There is also no need for development at 204 Wagaraw Road either. The town fought against a Walmart so lets leave this as Green Space as well.


  • A vision to expand the current community garden and work with the Board of Education to install a Greenhouse and garden at the high school. We are seeing the demand for more of these spaces. Residents would have an easier chance at sponsoring a bed and the educational opportunity for our high school students would be amazing! There are many schools across New Jersey installing these by utilizing various grants to handle these projects. If we can get the schools to register in the Sustainable Jersey Schools program this would definitely be a well received project.



  • Working towards shifting our municipal, DPW and other vehicles that can be bought towards electric versions. There are time frames on most municipal vehicles on how long they can be in service before having to be upgraded. We work towards securing grant money and spending this way. We greatly reduce emissions, fuel costs and maintenance expenses this way. We work with the BOE to consider adopting and purchasing electric school busses as well. We research reclaiming our recycling contract under an electrified fleet you can keep costs and manpower local.