Future Focus & Sustainability

How Does Future Focus & Sustainability Propel Hawthorne?


As A Green, I Purpose..


  • A Bold "Five Corners Project" for us all. Ward 3 and Hawthorne has fought against other projects purposed for this site. My vision is to work with the county and state to buy back this property. Nobody wants any sort of business here in the residential area and parking is lacking at the end of the park. We can utilize it for parking for Goffle Brook Park, repurpose the gas station structure as a Welcome or Visitors Center for the county to share. The gas canopy can be repurposed with solar panels which can power the property and be used as a sustaining charging station for visitors electric cars. It would only be utilized during the day and be closed when night falls. This is a project that needs a young environmentalist to fight for on behalf of the community. This idea has been purposed the last few election cycles. It holds merit to pursue and is very popular amongst those residing in Ward 3. Plus the county is actually aware that they need to address parking issues at the north end of the park. Let's get the property owner, the County Commissioners and even Assembly Candidates together to negotiate and make this a reality!




  • A Vision for the former Pan Chemical Facility. This property was finally demolished and being slowly remediated. As our community grows it is apparent we need a proper train station with shelters for both sides, a proper parking garage, electric vehicle chargers and bike corrals. I've asked about this from time to time and out current administration and council have said that NJ Transit was dismissive to the idea. This is not acceptable to me and should be continually explored. Either but expanding outreach for communication through NJ Transit, the county Commissioners and even through Trenton if necessary. This property needs to be remediated which will still take time so let's push the dialogue forward! This part of Ward 2 and town deserves a project like this which will energize the area and bring forward better lighting and safety for those that might want to travel to and from our town. Imagine a state of the art train station which allows for new patrons to our town which alleviates more cars and traffic. This is another project that needs an environmental focused campaign to tackle. 



  • A common sense approach for the former Pyrolac Corp property. 55 Schoon Ave is having a site study conducted and is being targeted for light industrial usage once remediated. after speaking with numerous residents it is time the town builds its own Recreational Center. This property can be bought very affordably and we can apply for federal grants to assist with any further remediation. The property is perfectly located near our other fields, mass transit access and can offer indoors sports and activities without impacting the Boys & Girls Club. Other towns have their own recreation and proper senior centers. Our residents deserve one as well. I spoke with the Hawthorne Police PBA and they support this idea! This would handle fall and winter needs and work in tandem with the Memorial Pool. Let's elect someone who is proactive and will advocate for our youth and seniors.



  • A vision to expand the current community garden and work with the Board of Education to install a Greenhouse and garden at the high school. We are seeing the demand for more of these spaces. Residents would have an easier accessibility if we can also install garden beds down at 8 Acre Wood. Our schools could tap in new educational opportunities for our middle and high school students would be amazing! There are many schools across New Jersey installing these by utilizing various grants to handle these projects. If we can get the schools to register in the Sustainable Jersey Schools program this would definitely be a well received project.



  • Working towards shifting our municipal, DPW and other vehicles that can be bought towards electric versions. There are time frames on most municipal vehicles on how long they can be in service before having to be upgraded. We work towards securing grant money and spending this way. We greatly reduce emissions, fuel costs and maintenance expenses this way. We work with the BOE to consider adopting and purchasing electric school busses as well. We research reclaiming our recycling contract under an electrified fleet you can keep costs and manpower local.